Reducing Water Consumption

Three Problems that can be fixed

How to Help

Leaky Faucets

When faucets are left running, thousands of gallons of water will be wasted. If faucets are broken, water can flow, causing more water loss.

The Solution: If people can make sure faucets are not still running or broken, water will be saved for further use. Which faucet below would you want?

Running Toilets

When toilets keep running and flushing, water literally goes down the drain! If toilets are broken or can't stop flushing, thousands of gallons of water are wasted.

The Solution: People can make sure toilets stop running. If they cannot stop, they can report the problem. Is the toilet below wasting water?


The water we drink may look pure, but can contain harmful chemicals and metals. Freshwater and oceans can be polluted, causing harm to the local wildlife.
The Solution: Sewage Systems can be cleaned, chemicals can be kept from being dumped into the water, and pollutants can be cleaned up in the current water. Which picture below looks like water you would want to drink?