Types and Sizes of Ribbon

Description of Ribbons used in the Floral Classroom.

Sizes of Ribbon and their use

  1. #1 Ribbon (1/4")- used for boutonnieres and small homecoming braids
  2. #3 Ribbon(5/8")- used for corsages and bigger homecoming braids
  3. #5 Robbin(7/8")- smaller vase arrangements and bows
  4. #9 Ribbon(1 1/2")-most common size and used for homecoming mums
  5. #40 Ribbon(3")- used for Christmas reefs and Homecoming mums
  6. #100- (4")burlap material, used for making reefs
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Types of Ribbon and Their Uses.

There are 9 common types of ribbon that are used in a floral class.

Types of Ribbon

Grosgrain Ribbon-used for little bows, least common type of ribbon.

Satin Ribbon-most fabric based ribbon, used for homecoming.

Chiffon Ribbon- see-through, used in vase arrangements.

Curling Ribbon- ribbon curls with scissors.

Tulle Ribbon-crunchy, used for prom.

Wire Ribbon- Can keep in place because of the wires.

Velvet Ribbon- Soft/make bows for the holidays.

Acetate Ribbon- homecoming, crunchy and most common type.