Impact the World Project

Middle School

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What does the Measles vaccine, 9/11, Hiroshima, Abraham Lincoln, and the explosion in West all have in common?

They made an impact on the world. They each made a difference, both positively and negatively, on a community, a group of people, an idea or on the world. Our world is constantly being shaped by the different impacts people or events make. Past events effect our current events and our current events help change past events.

Your TASK...

Examine an idea or event that has made a significant impact on the world, a community, a group of people, or an idea/policy. This idea or event can have a negative or positive impact. Your task is to explain how this idea or event made an impact on the world. What was a lasting effect of this idea or event?

Ideas for Topic

Research Paper

Due at time of Presentation.

Paper Requirements:

Minimum 1 full page typed

Times New Roman

12 point font

Double spaced



Prezi, Website, Smore, Emaze, Art Display, Diorama, Experiment, Documentary, Demonstration, Book

PowerPoint and Tri-Fold Boards NOT allowed

Impact Presentations

Thursday, May 21st, 8am to Tuesday, May 26th, 3:30pm

4601 Cobbs Drive

Waco, TX

Students will present their projects and turn in their research papers.