Non-Tenured Meeting 10/13

Can you believe it's October already!

Non-Tenured Meeting

Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 3-4pm


Before the Meeting - Executive Functioning

What are my skills?

We've done strengths, but Executive Functioning Skills are very important as well! We will be discussing the Dawson's Inventory which is attached here! Please print and complete at your leisure BEFORE the meeting!

Before the Meeting - Parent Teacher Meetings - Flipped Module

Session 5: Parents as Partners

Alignment to Danielson Framework for Teaching: 4C - Communicating with Families.

Participants will become familiar with ways to enhance parent communication, involvement, and support.

Topics: Positive Relationships, Tools for Parent Conferences, Student Led Conferences, Conference Scenarios, Difficult Parents, and Outreach Resources

Flipped Module:

During the Meeting - EF Analysis

We are going to score your EF Questionnaire and talk about how this impacts your experiences as a new teacher!

During the Meeting - EF Skill: Attention

We will be focusing on assisting our students with the skill of Sustained Attention and how to develop that skill with our students.

Below are the handouts digitally we will be going over

During the Meeting - Session 5: Parents as Partners

Discuss any points about crafting a positive Parental relationship.