The Tundra

By: Yasmin Yanez And Tierson Williams

The Tundra

The tundras are found below the ice caps of the arctic,across the North America,Europe,Siberia,and Asia

Temperature range

The average temperature of the tundra in the winter is -34 degrees Celsius.In the summer it can get to 3-12 degrees Celsius. The day and night time temperature is only reaches to 40-50 degrees F
The average temperature of the tundra is -34 degrees Celsius
The average rainfall in the tundra every year is 15-25 cm.

Biotic plant :factors

The plant life in the tundra are bear berry,Labrador tea,and the diamond leaf willow.
The plants have adapted to the tundra by growing under a layer of snow.

Biotic : Animal

The animals in the tundra are polar bears ,caribou, Arctic fox.
They have thick fur to protect them from freezing temperatures.Also They build there homes in the ground.The caribou use their antlers to fight of unwanted enemies.

Food chain/web

The first in line is a producer or a plant.The bear berry plant is the first in the food chain.

Next is the Caribou which is the primary consumer,and last is the polar bear which is the secondary consumer