Ship's Log

Week of November 12, 2018

Welcome back to 'normal'

Thank your for everything you did to make CSW a success even though it was in November! The volleyball game was lots of fun and the kids did a fantastic job at the Talent Show.

It's time to get back to 'normal' (if there's such a thing) as we slide into Thanksgiving Break...

This WEEK:

BUS DUTY: Stella

Monday- Happy Day off to celebrate our Veteran's

Tuesday (Day 51)- WORLD KINDNESS DAY, Bobbie in late, Cool Kids Banking, K tour 2:30,

Wednesday (Day 52)- Bobbie at admin mtg (at church), PTO OOD, Gr 8 Team building 1-3, PTO Mtg 6:00,

Thursday (Day 53)- No Carol,

Friday (Day 54)- 1st grades Pilgrim Program

Saturday- Design Squad 12-4

Happy Birthday

Sunday- Lizzie Nuamah

Monday- Darwin Mercado, Fahenlly Argent

Tuesday- Erick Giron, Marley Andrews, Travis Woodruff, Mrs. Rose

Wednesday- Jayden Colon

Thursday- David Nurmi

Friday- Alex Uschold


Before // After School Activities:

Monday- NO Choir

Tuesday- BOK 4-8, Hmwk Club- Room 7

Wednesday- Book Club, Hmwk Club Room 6

Thursday- BOK K-3, Hmwk Club- Room 2


To Do List:

  • Schedule Parent-Teacher Conference Times
  • UPDATE Option C by Monday each week
  • Gather info for staff documentation for NEASC
  • Enter input for NEASC Standards

Upcoming Events:

11/13 World Kindness Day (I have lots of books to borrow)

11/14 OOD Day ACE Team building grade 8 1:00-3:00, PTO 6:00 (need a host)

11/16 Grade 1 pilgrim program 9:00

11/17 Design Squad 12-4

11/19 Early Dismissal- Parent-Teacher Conferences

11/20 Early Dismissal- Turkey Trot // Parent Teacher Conferences

11/21-11/23 Enjoy your Thanksgiving Break

PLC/Faculty Meetings: ** We need hosts for these meetings! Thanks **

November 26th- Miranda's Room

December 3rd-

Lesson Ideas .... check them out!