T4PA School Safety State Initiative

Online Mental Health Staff Training Summer 2020


The state initiative will provide capacity building for the 20 ESCs under the Title IV, Part A program. The goal is for ESCs to help districts foster safe, healthy, supportive, and drug-free environments that support student academic achievement including but not limited to, school safety, bullying, mental health awareness, crisis management including safe de-escalation of situations including prevention of suicide, drug-use, and violence and other allowable uses of Title IV, Part A, Section 4108 funds.

Online Training Free due to COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 many groups and companies are offering online training for free at this time. Below is a list of trainings that can be completed online that meet the state requirements found at TEA Mental Health and Behavioral Health

Title IV School Safety State Initiative Disclaimer.

The Title IV Part A School Safety State Initiative is providing these links to online training as a resource.

We are not responsible for training costs, content, certificates, or continuing education credits. Please check with each agency as to the cost, access to materials, and certificates associated with these trainings.


Rod Pruitt, Title IV Part A School Safety Coordinator

Nancy Galle, Title IV Part A School Safety Consultant