The Diary of Anne Frank


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Anne's Biography

Anne a Jewish girl 13 living in an annex, a small house, she was living with her family hiding from the nazis. More people came in the annex, Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan and Peter their son. Mr. Dussel a dentist came too. Anne had an older sister Margot. She was a truthful child, so truthful that the truth hurt some people. She was rude to everyone. Everyone was rude to her she was rude back. She wasn't the top child there it was Margot because Anne was rude and didn't follow the rules.

Hope Helps When Times Get Tough

In The Diary of Anne Frank, the theme "hope helps when times get tough." There were times when the family had it rough. Like at Hanukah when they were sad when the couldn't have any presents. Anne comes in and says, "No, it isn't. I've got something... Presents" (403). This is a good example of hope helps when times get rough because it was a long year and when Anne made them presents they were happy that hope came and helped. It was sad when they died, but when Mr. Frank lived he said, "The war was good. The British and the Americanswere sweeping through France" (434). This was also a good example because if Mr. Frank hadn't lived then he would of never got the chance to publish Anne's diary.

Hatred Can Hurt Others

In The Dairy of Ann Frank, the theme, "hatred can hurt others." The times when people talk about other people and it hurts there feelings. Like when Anne had a fight with her mother about Margot she said, "And have them walk over me, the way the do to her? No thank" (388). This is a great example because when Anne was talk about Margot like that she never knew she hurt Margots feelings. Another example is when Anne had a nightmare, and wouldn't let her mother help her. Anne said, " I'd rather not talk about it" (398). This example is good because Anne didn't want her mother to help her she want to her fathers help. Mr. Frank didn't feel loved by Anne.

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Anne's Symbol

I chose Anne as a tree because she is calm, and when the wind kicks in, the family getting mad at her, the tree rages and gets mad too. When Anne had the fight about Margot does everything right, Ane wasn't mad until the family get he mad. When she was fighting with Peter, Peter got her mad. Everybody, the wind, makes Anne, the tree, mad. When the wind rages the tree rages too. The family gets mad at Anne then Anne gets mad at them. Like a tree rages when the wind is blowing on it.
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