Critically Endangered: Global


- both males and females have long, slender horns that are up to 52 cm long and have a slight curve

- short glossy coat (chestnut-brown to almost black and pale on the belly)

- thin black line down the spine and white patches on the side of the neck

- tail is split into three bands of color

- cream-colored band marks the rump and white bands encircle the lower legs

- the brown face has a pattern of white spots and slashes

- thin stripes above each eye, giving the appearance of eyebrows


- Discovered in 1992, the Saola is considered "the greatest animal find of recent times".

- Has only been photographed 3 times

Where it is found:

The Saola lies within a narrow area of forests along the northern and central Annamite mountain range, on the border between Vietnam and the Laos.
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Critically Endangered:

The species has a small range where it is increasingly threatened by habitat loss, hunting and snaring . They are sometimes killed accidentally when the hunters are trying to kill other species. In the past, hunters have also tried to capture the saola because of the intense interest in this new and strange species. The Saolas known to have been captured have died within weeks of their release.


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