The Past Shaping Our Future

Andrea R. Ortiz-Santos; Editor-in-Chief

When Food Meets Money

Food is a necessity for both human and animal. But, what happens when the greedy, selfish world dominated by money meets the necessity of food? The answer is simple: they find an opportunity to gain money,a strategy. Big food industries don't care about the consumers health nor their employees. The food industries have an old secret that they don't want you to know; a secret that dates back to the gilded age.

What are we consuming when we buy food from the big industry? Well, its certainly not pure meat. In fact, videos of hidden cameras show us that the animals are cramped in one place and get squashed or trampled by this moving wall, a torturous death. Before their death the animals, scared and confused, pee themselves and when they are slaughtered all the urine, as well as bacteria in there hooves, get spread to other parts of the body, wounds and even the other animals. This animals are not cleaned before putting them in you plate. You may wonder: But what about the food inspectors? Have they not seen whats happening? Well, some only care about the money they are offered by the industries rather than the health of others. Something similar happened in the gilded age; the animals were not disinfectant after killing nor before and were forced to live on their own filth. Rotten meat was also sold. They will also have chemicals added to fatten them up (industries still do) that can be toxic. Inspectors were also paid to keep there mouth shut.

In the work place, the employees are not the typical Willy Wonka workers seen on t.v. and movies, most of this men and women are decieved by the fictitious tale of the "American Dream". American corn industries had overthrown the Mexican corn industries and farmers leading to many Mexican loosing their jobs. Just when all hope was lost, the Americans offered them the job they longed for, good pay and new life , and it was just on the other side of the border. Yes the American are illegally hiring immigrants. When they finally enter their factory jobs, they find themselves getting overworked in dangerous conditions and not getting paid enough, also they have no sick days. They also have no stability and live in fear of being exported since there tyranic employers report some of their employees to the federal government. Of course, the working conditions are not only for Mexican but to other ethnicity including Americans. In the gilded age, people will come from all over the world with this same ideal of the 'American Dream" and where welcomed with sweat houses, no work and , fear that they will use there jobs becuase their bosses thought they might form a union.

History continues to repeat itself. There might not be monopolies and the government says things have changed, but they havent. In conclusion, money has become the core of many peoples' hearts, thats why the government has not done anything, because the food industry is what keeps the money flowing, and if it closes, that ,means no money.

A Lesson from Alice Paul

August 18, 1920

Dear Future Americans:

I send you this letter because I wish for you to learn. I wish for you to know about your mothers hardship and to not commit the same mistake your fathers have made. Know that women are strong and smart just like (or more) than men. We deserve the right to vote and to do much more. We are warriors of justice and you must learn our story of our struggle and fight that now give you the rights of freedom.

I was a young woman from the Quaker family that had formed the Womens' Suffrage Association with my best friend. Our purpose was to win women their right to vote. We organized a parade to gain awareness of our cause ,but many beat us up very badly for it. Even so our labor had fruit, our parade got a positive response from others too! Still it was not enough to make President Wilson notice us; so we stood in front of the White House, calling out the president. Our efforts lead to getting beat up and then sent to jail.

In jail we demanded our clothes back; for we were political prisoners and once again got beat up. I decided to stop eating in order to prove my point and everyone joined me. For this, we were sent to the hospital of mentally insane and forced tubes through our throats so we would eat.

We grew sickly and the mothers cried for their children... But thanks to this sacrifices we got our freedom and now us women and our daughters have the right to vote. Children of the future don't ever underestimate the power of a woman.

With love:

Alice Paul

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Child Labor is real

Even though child labor was prohibit, Children are working from a very young age in jobs that are hard for adults. Their employers have no mercy on them and treats them like slaves. The children get hurt, sick and some die in their works and have no compensation for their labor. Children should not be working they should be able to learn and play, have a childhood, not work to death!

Hawaii Falls in the Hands of Tyrants

Years ago the Americans came, with no warning to the small island of Hawaii and yet, the friendly islanders did not fight to keep the invaders out. Now, the invaders plot to take the land from the humble natives that helped them! They bring disease and steal their food, all in the name of progress and education. The islanders did not need help and very less the slaughter of children in the hands of the diseases the American have brought. But it doesn't stop there, now they plot to take down the islanders beloved monarchy. When the brave queen steps up peacefully to protect her people, the Americans , who preach liberty, freedom of speech and equality threaten her with their fire monsters and silver bullets. A guard of the honorable queen claims that the people who imprisoned her " used brute strength and pushed her down the floor as he tied her down and then yanked he off the floor" Now, with no rights to vote nor speak the Hawaiians must hide or kneel for the U.S. Empire. Are this Tyrants any better than other dictators?
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Make Food To Save Food

Our heroic men are fighting in war. You too can help in the fight by planting your own food at your Victory Gardens instead of buying from stores. The food you don't buy will be the meal of the soldiers so they can be strong and win the war. Also you will save money and can be proud to call yourself a savior of the soldiers!


WWI: Why the U.S. Entered the War

The circumstances that had the U.S. entering WWI was when the British ship Lusitania, which carried U.S. civilians as well as weaponry for the allied powers, was sunk by a German u-boat. Outraged for the slaughter of innocent civilians, the people of the U.S tried to convince the government to enter war. Even so, the government resisted and, instead, warned Germany of holding the country responsible for the lives lost. Still, the Germans did it again by attacking the French passenger ship Sussex, which killed 80 people. Once again U.S. warned the Germans about joining the war and so the Germans made the Sussex pledge, which promised not to attack merchant ships without warning and without saving lives. But,the Germans broke their promise when they attacked merchant ship with a U-boat in mid-March 1917.This lead to U.S.A to finally join the war. Something similar happened in WWII, the U.S. did not wish to join the war even though the allies where in need of assistant. Both times the U.S. joined selfishely; not to help others but because they got hurt by the war.

Charlie Chaplin And The Silence Behind The Smiles

Charlie Chaplin is known for bringing smiles to many peoples' faces through his comical movies. But while he is remembered as the comedy legend for his silent movies, their is a deeper story, a silent past, behind the silly man and his iconic mustache.

Chaplin came from a dis-functional home which ended up breaking in 1891. Then, he lived with his jobless mother and brother, Sidney. His father did not provide any financial support for the family. Soon seven years old Charlie Chaplin and his brother were sent to a work house and did not see there mother until 18 months later but shortly after was taken away. in September 1898 their mother gets send to an asylum because of an infection of syphilis and malnutrition. The boys get send to live with the father they barely knew who was an alcoholic. Soon after, they went back with their mother but she got sick once again. Charlies brother left for the navy and the now 14 years old was left alone in the street, searching for food.

Since the age of 5, Charlie was performing in plays to earn money and in hopes of accomplishing his dreams of being an actor. His jobs would get praised, but the one that made him take a step forward into popularity was the production of Sherlock Holmes in which he played Billy the page boy which lead him to a role alongside William Gillete, the original Sherlock. "it was like tidings from Heaven" said Chaplin about this events. His determination, talents and hardships lead him to be the popular, funny actor that has touched many hearts even in the present day.

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Harry Houdini: THe Man of Mystery and Thrills

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Harry Houdini was like the super human of the Roaring 20s. He did many tricks both live and in movies. He revolutionized special effects and stunts in movies that are used even in the present. One of his most noticeable tricks was one of being tied in a straight jacket while hanging upside down from a crane or high building. When raised Houdini would manage to to take the straight jacket off in two minutes and thirty seven seconds. Even though this trick was invented in the 1910s he continued to use it until the day of his death in 1926.