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August 6, 2020

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A Message From Mr. Loversky


Reminder: Please read and watch everything I send you.

  • Chromebooks for New Students: If you have a new student you can either pick-up a Chromebook at Thompson Middle School on Wednesday, August 12 between 9-11 AM or wait until school starts when we will have them here!
  • Chromebook issues for current students: Many issues can be fixed remotely by our IT Department. Please click here for your tech support options.
  • Wondering who we are and what we are about? Take a look at our WMS Family Survival Guide. Please note that this document was created with information for a typical year, but most of it is still pertinent.
  • Schedules: We have just completed redoing the "bones" of our schedule. We now start putting kids into that schedule. (It is like a sudoku game that is 8 numbers across by about 75 lines down.) My goal is that we get 6th graders in first so that we can find a day or two for 6th graders and a parent to come in to walk their schedule. (I will send that in a future email.) For 7th and 8th graders- we will send an email to you when they are all ready to go, but it will be tight!
  • What will the start of school look like? We are working with all of our teachers to make sure that both in-person and remote students have a successful start to school! Our first few days will be about acclimatizing to the setting in which they are learning, getting to know their classmates, understanding the expectations of where they learn, etc. It will be somewhat different for in-person and remote learners, but the goals are the same. We want your child to feel safe and welcome learning at WMS! Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the start of the school year.
  • Communication is more important than ever. Many questions that may be answered in one of three places:

    NOTE: These links are updated frequently as new information becomes available.
    We encourage you to look for information in these places before sending a text or email.

Missed Material Pick-Up?

Here's what you missed...

Students picked up a packet and had their yearbook/ID photos taken. 6th graders were able to walk the building with one parent for 10-15 minutes.

Click below for the appropriate packet:

All students school photos - We don't know when (or if) we will be able to offer school photos for this year. We are working on a plan B and will notify families once a plan is in place.

ALL students will need an ID photo - We are currently making a plan for how to generate school photo ID's and will update families as soon as we have information.

6th graders and students who are new to D303 - Received a zipper baggie containing their locks, calculator, heart rate monitor strap, and a lanyard. You can pick them up in the main office between the hours of 7:30 am and 3:30 pm. We will give them to any students who haven't picked them up on the first day of the student's attendance.

Returning 7th & 8th Grade students - Will receive a new lanyard on the first day of their attendance.

See the information regarding student schedules in the next section.

Student Schedules

Schedules ARE NOT ready yet, but completing our student schedules is one of our top priorities! We appreciate your patience while we work on this task. You will receive an alert as to when you can look in Home Access Center.

Please note that schedules may change as late as the day before school starts. It will be vital that you look at your child’s schedule the night before school starts. We will send updates as needed.

School Photos - Ordering Deadline for Pre-Orders!

If your child had their photos taken during Material Pick-Up, THE ORDERING LINK WILL BE OPEN THROUGH FRIDAY EVENING 8/7/2020.

You can scan the QR Code below to go directly to their site - www.ordercp.com

Wredling School Code is: 10065301 CLICK HERE TO ORDER

After this Friday evening, you can either go to our help site at: cphelpcenter.com or wait until the pictures arrive at school. You will receive a free calendar with their child's picture and code for ordering.

Need more information? Visit this link or call Color Portraits at 847-382-7505 ext 7

Big picture

Our calendar has been updated again!

Note: The first day of school for students has been changed to Wednesday, August 19th! Please click here to access our amended district calendar.

School Physicals & Dental Forms*

We have two options for getting us physical and dental forms.

  1. Drop off - Our offices are open 7:30 am - 3:30 pm
  2. Fax - 331-228-3701

We CANNOT take them via email.

*Please MAKE A COPY of your child's health records before releasing them to the school.

D303 Reopening School Plan Guide

If you have not read the CUSD303 Reopening School Plan Guide (2020-2021) we would highly recommend that you do so. This document will answer most of your questions about instruction and what our school year will look like.


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