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Working the Willkie Way!

Lesson Plans

The end of the 1st six weeks is rapidly approaching and I wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the expectation regarding lesson plans.
  • Lesson plans should be in Eduphoria no later than the beginning of school every Monday.
  • Lesson plans should follow the template that is in your Willkie Way Binder based on the ICLE model.
  • The lessons and activities in you classroom should reflect your lesson plans.
  • Each content area/grade level should be planning together to create your upcoming lessons.

Please keep in mind that this correlates to the Planning Domain and the Professional Practices and Responsibilities Domain in TTESS.

T-TESS: Goal Setting

Goal setting conferences have be going great! There are some points that I may not have communicated well to everyone that I would like to clarify.

I would like to see everyone create two goals. One goal should be focused on student achievement and use the SMART goal template. Your goal could be based on different components of STAAR data such a pass/fail rate or growth measure, or local assessments such a common assessments or 6 weeks pass/fail rate, or overall student growth.

The second one can be focused on something else you want to improve upon. An example for your 2nd goal could be, integrating more technology in the classroom, or implement more project based learning in the classroom, etc.

Again, keep in mind that we are all learning together as we move forward in this process.
I am meeting with a Middle School Cadre on September 20th and several of the schools are from districts who piloted T-TESS last year. I should have more insight to share when I return.

The Key is Consistancy

As we talked about before school started, the key to being successful in how we do business at Willkie is consistency. To that end, I want to share some gentle reminders to helps us stay united in meeting the expectations.
  1. Tardies: If you mark a student tardy in Skyward you are expected to issue the appropriate consequence. It is important that you document consequences for tardies in Eduphoria under the journal tab. This is the only way your colleagues will know what consequences have been issued to a student so they can move to the next step in the discipline pyramid.
  2. Advisory (Part A): Students must have a pass or you must receive a phone call from a teacher requesting a student to come to their class for tutorials. Please do not allow a student to leave your classroom during tutorials without a pass or a phone call from a teacher. There have bee too many students showing up in classrooms during advisory without permission from the teacher and it is causing a disruption.
  3. Advisory (Part B): Please keep in mind that we are to provide intentional interventions during advisory. To be clear, this means that students are intentionally working on work, or reading, or something that is related to academic achievement. This also means the teacher is actively engaged in what is going on in the class. In other words, students should not be playing games or engaged with their electronics unless it is specifically for academic reasons. Teachers should be up and about, walking around the room monitoring students and assisting as needed. You can also plan structured interventions during this time for enrichment and/ or remediation.
  4. Tutorials: In an attempt to monitor tutorials, each room should have some form of sign in/out sheet for tutorials. This can be done electronically using a QR Code. Once a student arrives for tutorials, they should stay in that room until released for 1st period. We realize that sometimes students just need to drop things off, or they need to see multiple teachers, but if a student is in your room at 8:10, then they should stay there. We stop allowing student up at 8:10, because there is simply not enough time at that point to to accomplish much.

Thank you for you support in these areas. Again, consistency is key to success.


Both Volleyball and Football seasons are well underway. Remember we have a home game for both sports just about every week. Volleyball plays here at Willkie and Football home games are at CTHS. I know the students love it when you come out to support them!

Web Sites

Please make sure your website is up to date. Parents really rely on your website for information about your classes. I really would like to see your sites be as comprehensive as possible. Take some time and look at what others are doing both in your content area an out. Explore other middle school's faculty sites as well for ideas. If you need help, please ask.

Remind 101

If you haven't already done so please sign up for Mr. Knowles' Remind 101 for faculty and staff. Text @ewms2016 to 81010

As many of you figured out, I'm new to this so my first Remind went out to 1652 people. Apparently it was anyone and everyone who had ever been associated with EWMS. I think I have a better understanding now.

Shout outs!

If you have any shout outs please email them to me with "Shout Outs" in the subject line.

This weeks Shout Outs!
Coach Johnson wants to Shout Out to the Boys coaches for all your hard work! Thankful fo all you've done!

The week ahead...

Monday September 19 , 2016
4:00 Tennis @ Eaton HS
6:45 AVID Induction @ TCC

Tuesday September 20, 2016
Spirit day- "Dress like a twin!"
5:00 Football
8th Grade @ CTHS (Admin -Knowles)
7th Grade @ Indian Springs MS
Pay day!

Wednesday September 21, 2016

Thursday September 122 2016
Knowles out AM
7th Grade @ PVMS
8th Grade @ PVMS

Friday September 23, 2016
Happy Friday!

September Birthdays

9/2 Alicia Newsom
9/4 Cara Shaffer
9/10 Dawn Reynolds
9/12 Shay Veitenheimer
9/17 Becky Asher
9/22 Lindsey Brawner
9/25 Karen Walters
9/29 Trey Brown
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