Vacation To Jupiter

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Jupiter Facts!!

Jupiter is pretty known for it's many moons, but there is so much more to it than that! Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun, and it's the LARGEST planet in the solar system. Ancient Astronomers actually named Jupiter after the king of the Roman Gods. The atmosphere of this planet consists of about 84 percent Hydrogen, and about 15 percent helium.

Facts you may not know about Jupiter...

  • If you weigh 100 pounds on Earth, you would weigh 246 pounds on Jupiter
  • Jupiter has a ring just like Saturn and Uranus but cannot be seen clearly, even with a telescope
  • Jupiter rotates faster than any planet in the Solar System ( it rotates so quickly, the days are only 10 hours long! )
  • The great red spot on Jupiter is actually a storm that has been going for over 300 years
  • Jupiter's great red spot is huge, you could fit 100 Earth's into it

FAQ about Jupiter

You may ask...What does the surface of this planet look like, well it's kinda rocky yet smooth at the same time ( the picture below). You also may think if you're visiting Jupiter, could people actually live there? Well it's not determined if people could actually live there for a long period of time. Jupiter looks pretty big, but it doesn't mean it is big enough for everyone to live there all at one time. You may not be used to the atmosphere on Jupiter. This planet is mostly made of molecular hydrogen and helium. Other chemical compounds are present in only small amounts, these include methane, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and water. The average temperature of Jupiter is 234 degrees Fahrenheit (145 degrees Celsius). Humans would have to pack pretty cool clothes such as shorts, tee - shirts, and basically any clothing you would wear in the summer.
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