What is Euthanasia and why are people for and against it?

Background Information

  • Euthanasia is defined as the practice of ending a life prematurely in order to end pain and suffering.
  • Many people don't agree with Euthanasia because of there beliefs. Christians believe it's against god and is comparable to murder.
  • In most nations, euthanasia is considered criminal homicide.
  • Most people have supported euthanasia for more than 20 years.
  • Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Vermont have allowed euthanasia to take place there. Vermont has been the most recent state to allow it.
  • When the word suicide is used to describe euthanasia, poeple or less likely to support euthanasia.
  • Americans have stuck with their beliefs for euthanasia in the recent decades but prior to that, ameicans didnt support euthanasia.
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Look at the bigger picture


  • Even if it euthanasia isnt legal, people still do it. Not allowing it to be legal restricts acess to social services and health care providers who could help patients explore other options to achieving a good death.
  • The personal decision ending your life shouldn't be up to the government.
  • Most people believe ending their life is the answer when they are suffering from illnesses and is in a lot of pain.
  • Some states allow abortion and refusing medical treatment, making them believe that grown people should be allowed to end their lives when they want to.
  • If euthanasia became common, there would be no advancement in treatments, no reason for people to TRY to live.

  • people have no wish to be god, rather they wish to help ease the suffering that many terminally ill patients face

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Is euthanasia playing God?


  • The more that an American attends religious services, the less likely that they will support euthanasia.
  • Medically assisted suicide costs less than treatment so most people will just choose medically assisted suicide instead instead of treatment because it costs less and medical care wont get as much money.
  • Euthanasia isnt a choice, its the end of all choices, assisted suicide is not 'death with dignity it is really 'the euthanasia of hope'.
  • When the people disagree with the state about legalizing euthanasia it would be the same as saying that laws against selling contamined foods are government mandated starvation.
  • If euthanasia became common, there would be no advancement in treatments, no reason for people to TRY to live.
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Hannah wanted to die because she didn't think she was going to be cured... She's healthy and alive today.

FInal Thought

Euthanasia isnt the answer. People say its dying with dignity but they are wrong. Being able to live life until God is ready to take it, shows how courageous and strong you are. Miracles happen, in fact, every day their is that 1 person that believes that they are going to die from cancer or other illnesses but they live life and they eventually get cured. Having hope...Having hope will get you to the end. In the video 'Playing god' the woman says," God created your life.. It's not yours to take." Euthanasia is the easy way out and sometimes, that's what seems like the best thing because of the suffering... What if they find a cure but you're already gone? What if there was even a little chance that you could live? Would you take it, or would you throw it away? Euthanasia isn't a funny thing, nor is any type of suicide...Dying with dignity is knowing you tried and you got things done that you never thought you could. I believe in the saying 'Live life to the fullest." because if you choose to end your life, you'll never know all the things out in the world that you could experience.

Yes, many people would argue and say," It's their choice! They want to end their suffering." Well what about their family? Now their family will be in pain because they are gone. It's not their choice, and not just because God created thier life, but because nothing beats the pain of being gone and then figuring out their was still some hope.. Having hope your whole life and all of the sudden giving it up now because you have an illness isnt even close to a reason. You throw away that last little bit of love, bravery, and hope you have to give up your life. People have been through a lot of things in their life and this surpasses it? People suck it up and get through other obstacles and you cant do it now?

Did you know that you will eventually die no matter what? And it most likely will be painful and if it isn't, it is to your family. So, if you're ending it now because of this... then you might as well have ended when things got hard the first time. Still believe you're 'dying with dignity?' Yeah, not even close.