SWP eLearning Teacher Guide


General Information

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1) Build Your Lessons

You will be building a lesson for our SPARC Conference Day as well as 2 eLearning lessons for potential snow day make-ups.

  • The SPARC Day lesson can be a continuation of the point of curriculum you will be at on February 14 OR a review lesson.
  • Since we don't know when snow days will fall, these lessons should be a review of critical key concepts that have already been taught. Spiral back to review something critical from the first quarter or early second quarter! These will be on standby and ready to use if we have a snow day in the future and decide to make it up with eLearning.

Work Time

PD work times for building your lessons are:

  • Montezuma: Jan. 21 & Feb. 4
  • Riverton Parke: Jan. 14, 20, 21, 27
  • Rosedale: Jan. 21 & Feb. 4

New teachers, who are building their very first eLearning lesson, will have 1/2 day training time with Rachel in addition to these work times.

Lessons will no longer be submitted for admin review. Please make sure you carefully complete ALL items in your checklist for each lesson you build!


  • All teachers must use Smore as the platform for building their eLearning lessons. If you have not used Smore in the past, please see Rachel for an account and additional instruction.
  • To build a new lesson, click here for the current SMORE template then click the "make a copy and edit" button (you must be signed in to your Smore account to see this)
  • You can edit or duplicate/edit previous Smore lessons
    (click here to get to the 2018-2019 collection if you need a lesson that was not built in your Smore account)

Recording Your Own Video & Audio

Special Education Modifications


Attn: Riverton Teachers

  • You are building lessons for your PARKE day classes (Feb. 14 classes)
  • Feb. 12 , when lessons are assigned, is also a Parke Day - assign and give needed materials when students come to your class
  • Feb. 18, when lessons are due, is also a Parke Day - work is due when students come to your class

Attn: Elementary Specials Teachers

  • You will build lessons for the students you would see on Feb. 14.
  • Montezuma A's: Music
  • Montezuma B's: Art
  • Rosedale A's: PE
  • Rosedale B's: Library
Simple Sample Lesson

6th Grade Math

2) Prepare Students

Discuss and/or practice eLearning lessons with your students.

Have a student sign-on and go to your lesson on their device and with their internet access when you go over it with the class. This will help you find any blocked links/videos and check your lesson content. Walkthrough what is expected and how to do the things you're asking them to do.

3) Assign Lessons

  • Give students the lesson link and any needed materials on the opening day of the eLearning window. For this year's SPARC day, that is Wednesday, February 12. Do not post your lesson link before this date.
  • ALL teachers must add their lesson link to their Clever classroom page. This will replace the Symbaloo collection of all lessons and be a universal way of accessing them.
  • You may also send direct lesson links out via Google Classroom, email, cover letter, etc. if you choose to do so.
  • Sample Parent/Student Letter for K-1
  • Sample Parent/Student Letter for 2-6

4) Support Your Students

  • Attend to questions from parents and students throughout the eLearning window
  • Emails and phone calls should be attended to immediately during office hours

5) Collect, Grade & Take Attendance

  • eLearning assignments are due when students come to your class after the eLearning window. (February 18 for the SPARC day lessons. For snow days, it will be the cancelled day plus 3 additional school days.)
  • A grade must be included in the grade book labeled as "eLearning". Grades should reflect the weight of equivalent work done during a regular school day but may be simply a completion grade.
  • Attendance is determined by whether or not students complete lesson assignments. If student work is partially complete, use your best professional judgment to determine if attendance credit should be given or not. Take any situations you are uncomfortable with to your building principal.
  • Teachers enter an X in the spreadsheet for students who did not complete eLearning work by the deadline.
  • Elementary: Homeroom teachers are responsible for recording attendance. This may involve communication with specials teachers to determine partial or full-day absence.
  • Jr-Sr High: each teacher is responsible for recording attendance for each block.

Attendance Spreadsheets

Please mark students "absent" with an X if they did not complete their eLearning lessons. Use your professional judgement for partial completions.

Rachel Porter

Need help? Contact me with questions specific to your lesson or to schedule in-person help.