SWP eLearning Teacher Guide


🕗 Office Hours

Teachers must hold office hours during their normal contact hours on eLearning days. Please be attentive to email, and Google Classroom posts (if applicable). Teachers may maintain these office hours from home if the closure is due to inclement weather, if they are sick, or if they are quarantined. During a COVID shutdown, teachers who are not quarantined will be expected to work from their classrooms unless otherwise indicated.

eLearning Teacher Cheat Sheet

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Smore & Google Classroom (or both!)

You can build your lesson using Smore, directly in a Google Classroom assignment, or with a combination of both! Click the buttons below to see examples of each:

Posting Lessons on Clever

Links to all lessons, regardless of platform, must be posted in Clever. This is so that we have one answer to the question "Where do I access eLearning lessons?" It is very confusing to parents and students when that answer differs by school, teacher, grade level, or subject. Although they may end up taking shortcuts, students should know they can always get to their eLearning lessons from their teacher's page on Clever.

The video below will walk through the posting process for posting to Clever for each platform option. Written descriptions follow.

Posting eLearning Lessons to Clever Pages


If you’ve built your lesson in Smore and are not using a Google Classroom post to deliver it to your students, please follow the steps below. This will need to be done for each lesson.

  • Copy the share link on the Smore page for the lesson (not the URL from the top).

  • Add the link to your teacher page on Clever, clearly labeled with subject and date.

    • HINT: Create category for the date and post all lessons for that date under it named by subject.

Google Classroom

If you will create a Google Classroom post for all eLearning lessons, please indicate this on your Clever page with a link directly to Google Classroom. This will only need to be done once.

  • Create a Category on your Clever page titled “All eLearning Lessons Are Posted to Google Classroom”

  • Add the App for Google Classroom under this category
    (search “Google”, not “Classroom” to find it!)

    • HINT: You can also link directly to your specific Classroom pages!

      • Go to your Classroom page and copy the URL.

      • Add this as a link under the category heading

Smore and Google Classroom

Follow the directions above for where your students should BEGIN.
  • If your lesson begins in Classroom with a Smore page attached for resources, please follow the instructions above for posting by Google Classroom.

  • If your lesson begins in Smore and then sends students to Google Classroom for their assignment, follow the instructions above for Smore

☑ Required Lesson Components:

Your lesson should include the required components listed below. Additional pieces (introduction, help resources, completion checklist, etc. are encouraged but not required.)

  • Lesson Objectives - What the students should learn from this lesson.

  • Office Hours - List your office hours (days and times) and how to reach you.

  • Instruction - This is the teaching component of your lesson. It should be curriculum instruction (not just giving directions for activities and assignments) and can be in any format - a reference handout, notes, slides, an instructional video, an interactive tutorial, a lesson assigned in a curricular program, etc.

  • Assessment - An assignment that will require students to demonstrate understanding. This may include the use of one of our digital curriculum programs (iReady, Wonders, StudySync, Studies Weekly, etc.), a quiz, or another type of assignment. This is the portion of the lesson you will grade.

Note... the Instruction and Assessment pieces may be provided through one source. For example, a Teacher Assigned iReady lesson will include an interactive lesson as well as a quiz to check for understanding. It would meet both the Instruction and Assessment requirements.

You can use the eLearning lesson template below to get started buidling a fresh lesson with Smore! Just sign into your Smore account first, then follow the link and click the "make a copy and edit button." You can also duplicate a previously created Smore page from your own account.

Special Education Modifications

Special Education modifications must continue to be met during eLearning. Collaborate with the teacher of record for each student in your class who will receive lessons. If the lesson cannot be built to accommodate all needed modifications, an alternative version of the lesson may be needed for individual students.

Tips for Success!

Check for Errors

  • Proofread your lesson for errors.

  • Check all videos & links - access your lesson signed into a student device if possible to make sure nothing is blocked and everything works! Make sure YouTube videos are approved for Southwest Parke.

  • If using Smore, make sure flyer settings have related flyers and any other unnecessary content turned off. If the page contains any copyrighted material, please make sure it is set to "Private".

Pretend it's an eLearning day

Prepare a practice eLearning lesson and walk students through the process when in-person school is in session. Make it fun by encouraging students to wear pajamas and bring their favorite snack!

Make it Personal

Students will respond much better to eLearning lessons if they hear their own teacher's voice! Use the links below to learn more about different tools that might be useful for creating an audio/video/screen recording to add to your lesson or how to use Google Meet for a live session!

Printed Parent Letter

Sending a printed parent letter home at the start of the year or in anticipation of an eLearning closure may prove helpful. See the sample letters below. You can make a copy and customize it for your own classroom.

Set Clear Expectations

The expectations listed below are specific to Riverton Parke, but are a great example of specific, clear expectations for eLearning.

Provide Timely Response to Communication

Attend to your email (and Google Classroom if you're using it) continuously during your office hours on eLearning days and be present at your phone extension. Respond as soon as you are able outside of office hours. If there are technical problems that you are unsure how to troubleshoot, please contact Rachel, Ben, and Jill via email.


Student attendance is determined by daily check-ins via email or Classroom and/or completion of the day's assigned lessons. Homeroom teachers should record attendance in Harmony by 2:00 PM. Details may vary by school building, so please direct questions about attendance to your principal.

Rachel Porter

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