SWP eLearning Teacher Guide


General Information

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1) Build Your Lessons

Attn: Riverton Teachers

  • You are building lessons for your RIVERTON day classes (Feb. 15 classes)
  • Feb. 13 , when lessons are assigned, is also a Riverton Day - assign and give needed materials when students come to your class
  • Feb. 19, when lessons are due, is also a Riverton Day - work is due when students come to your class

Attn: Elementary Specials Teachers

  • You will build lessons for the students you would see on Feb. 15.
  • Montezuma A's: PE
  • Montezuma B's: Art
  • Rosedale A's: Music
  • Rosedale B's: Library

Work Time & Deadlines

PD work times for building your lessons are:

  • Montezuma: Jan. 22 and 29
  • Riverton Parke: Jan. 22 and 28 + on-your-own with makeup time given after spring break
  • Rosedale: Jan. 29 + on-your-own with makeup time given after spring break

New teachers, who are building their very first eLearning lesson, will have full training and additional work time

  • Riverton Parke: Jan. 21 (two groups, 1/2 day each)
  • Montezuma & Rosedale: Jan. 22 (1/2 day AM at Rosedale)

Lessons must be submitted no later than Friday, Feb. 1
(please submit as soon as you have them completed so the vetting & revision process can begin!)

Revisions required by administrators must be made no later than Tuesday, Feb. 12


Lesson Content

  1. Lesson Objectives - What the students should learn from this lesson presented as an "I can " statement.
  2. Office Hours - List your office hours (days and times) and how to reach you. For this eLearning day, all teachers will list Friday, February 15 8:10-9:00 AM and 2:30-3:00 PM as their office hours. You should include your email address and list Riverton Parke's phone number (765) 569-2045. Click here for more information on office hours.
  3. Introduction - Something quick to hook your students and explain the lesson objectives.
  4. Instruction ("I do.") - This is the teaching component of your lesson. This can be review material or a continuation of your current classroom lessons. It should be curriculum instruction, not giving directions for activities and assignments.
  5. Activity (“We do.”) -An activity that will allow students to practice or explore the content of this lesson. This section should be more student-focused, gradually releasing independence to students.
  6. Assessment (“You do.”) - An assignment that will require students to work independently to demonstrate understanding. This may include the use of one of our digital curriculum programs (iReady, ALEKS, Achieve3000, etc.), a quiz, or another type of assignment. Work may be submitted digitally or in person. This is the portion of the lesson you will grade and use to determine attendance.
  7. Completion Checklist - A simple checklist of the things the students should have done to complete this lesson.

Additional Lesson Content Details

Special Education Modifications

2) Submit Your Lessons

  • Before you submit, make sure you've gone to "flyer settings" and turned off related flyers and any other content that you think would distract or confuse students (I recommend turning them ALL off)
  • Make sure you've included all of the required content (see Teacher Checklist)
  • Click the button below to fill out the form. Please do this for each lesson as soon as you have them complete and no later than February 1.
  • Your administrator will review your lesson and either approve it or communicate revisions needed. All necessary revisions must be done by February 12.
  • Please email your administrator when you've completed any necessary revisions.
Submit Your Lesson

Please complete a separate form for each lesson.

3) Prepare Students & Assign Your Lessons

  • Discuss and/or practice eLearning lessons with your students
  • Give students the lesson link and any needed materials ON Wednesday, February 13 (not before) Sample Parent/Student Letter

Click here for a more detailed description

4) Support Your Students

  • Attend to questions from parents and students throughout the eLearning window (February 13-19).
  • Emails and phone calls should be attended to immediately during office hours

5) Collect, Grade & Take Attendance

  • eLearning assignments are due when students come to your class on February 19.
  • A grade must be included in the grade book labeled as "eLearning". Grades should reflect the weight of equivalent work done during a regular school day but may be simply a completion grade.
  • Attendance is determined by whether or not students complete lesson assignments. If student work is partially complete, use your best professional judgment to determine if attendance credit should be given or not. Take any situations you are uncomfortable with to your building principal.
  • Teachers enter an X in the spreadsheet for students who did not complete eLearning work by the deadline.
  • Elementary: Homeroom teachers are responsible for recording attendance. This may involve communication with specials teachers to determine partial or full day absence.
  • Jr-Sr High: each teacher is responsible for recording attendance for each block.

Please submit eLearning attendance by February 22.

Rachel Porter

Need help? Contact me with questions specific to your lesson or to schedule in-person help.