By: Logan Taylor, Ashton Hutchings, and Evan Baker

Squealer is Vyacheslav Molotov/ Russian propaganda

In Animal Farm Squelar is a pig who is a loyal follower of Napoeleon and is Napeoleons mouthpiece. He changes the commandments and lies to the animals about figures of food production and how their offspring have a higher survival rating than in the time of Mr. Jones. He uses a lot of double talk and is very persuasive when he talks.

Vyacheslav Molotov

Squealer represents Vyacheslav Molotov who was Stalins Prime Minister in the 1930's. He sucked up to Stalin and did whatever Stalin wanted him to. Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov was a Soviet politician and diplomat, an Old Bolshevik, and a leading figure in the Soviet government from the 1920s, when he rose to power as a protégé of Joseph Stalin.

Understanding the text

Understanding the allegorical properties of the text helps people make connections between the novel and real life by creating a fake situation that's easier to understand than the Russian Revolution and can help create examples from real life compared to the novel.