History Block 3

From the "Porfiriato" to the Mexican Revolution.

The constitution in 1917 and its principal articles

  • After the victory of the constitutional group Venustiano Carranza called a congress of Queretaro to reform the constitution of Mexico. It was published on the 5 of February of 1917.
  • Its principal purpose was to guarantee the equality of all citizens against the law, and the liberty of expression, reunion and transit.
  • Some of the principal articles were article 3, 27, and 123.
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Mexico 2010 - Revolution - 21 - The Constitution of 1917

The revolutionary culture

  • Thousands of people participated on the revolution men, women and children. The majority were natives, peasants, workers and employees.
  • Many people changed their culture because of the constant transfer to different regions because of the violence.
  • Music was part of the soldiers hobbies when they were wathcing for possible attacks.
  • They sang while waiting to entertain themselves.
  • Some things of the revolutionary culture are part of the national culture like music, paintings, escultures