80s Fashion

BY: Lexus Blackwood

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Women Fashion

Women fashion are bold and bright they have the "fit" look with the leg warmers and the loose t-shirts some are slanted on the shoulder they wear tights or leggings they are actually the same thing the bows on top of their heads are mostly common either a hat , headband or bow like this girl here.
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Men Fashion

Similar to girls fashion the males have bright bold colors to they mostly wear long sleeve or a jacket with a scarf they wear alot of high top shoes and tight but loose pants which some people call "hotpants" they come in different colors and many patterns the only solid colors would the pants and the undershirt.
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omg! the make up on the 80s was way to bold and bright unlike today we wear make up but we wear it to make it seem natural know what i mean we use are make up with soft colors the 80s make-up they just went all out making sure it is known that they have make-up on i mean come on who couldn't notice that it kind of reminds me of face paint.
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The hair was big and bold it was an important thing to have big hair that was the style so people with thin hair would probably get extensions to make them have big hair kind of reminds me of a afro thats what i think it is.