Tonasket School District

Weekly Update ~ 1/28/2022

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Levy ballots have been mailed by the county and should have reached your home. Don’t forget to vote!


Capital Project Update

  • The steel for the shop building has arrived on-site, and we are progressing according to schedule. You will soon see the building taking shape with the first parts erected around February 2nd.

  • The portable is very close to completion. We are struggling with the weather and pouring the walkways which are needed before we can get an occupancy permit. We have put up tents and heaters to drive away the frost. We will be completing the prep work early next week.

Powerful Teaching and Learning

School Shooter Training for all staff is being provided through Vector Solutions (formerly SafeSchools) with the expectation that you complete the training by February 28. If you haven’t completed the training, you should be receiving reminder links from the Vector Solutions system via email. There is also a link under the For Staff tab on the district website. The training refers to our Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). Click on the active link to review the plan.


The district has received a grant for $200,000 for middle school playground equipment which will have a fitness course component. The grant will also help to fund the rebuilding of the outdoor high school basketball court that was removed because the HS shop is being built in the location of the basketball court. Both of these projects will be completed this summer.

District Culture and Climate

I continue to meet with employee groups to give factual levy information and encourage everyone to vote for this and every other measure. Your vote counts! Please continue to visit the website for more levy information and send me any questions you might have.

Parent and Community Engagement

The Coaches Against Cancer silent auction held at the Friday, January 21, basketball game raised over $1,000 for Bouncin for Boobies to help local cancer patients. Great job!

Creative and Innovative

I was able to be a part of a student exhibition this week. These are student presentations highlighting their learning that are a key part of the Choice HS program. If you have not been a part of these presentations I encourage you to sign up to be part of the student evaluation process next time they are scheduled.

TEA and PSE Updates

  • We met with the coaches association to negotiate the contract on Friday. We are very close to a final document to approve and am excited that we are finally getting this important project completed.

  • TEA and PSE negotiations are scheduled to start in March.

Staff Updates

  • Staff, please remember that staff and student vaccine status is private medical information that is protected from being shared by FERPA and/or HIPPA. Discussing an individual’s vaccine status is not an appropriate work conversation. I have a couple of concerns raised about his issue in the past week - that is why I am sending out this reminder.

  • At the January 26 board meeting, the following personnel items were approved:
    1. Hiring:
      Julio Alejandre - High School Custodian
      Lindsay Thrasher - Behavior Intervention Specialist


  • THS is hosting a District Wrestling Tournament next Saturday, February 5th. FBLA will be selling concessions in the commons.

  • Board Policy and Procedure Updates:
    1. 2161 BP Special Education and Related Services for Eligible Students

    2. 3115 P Students Experiencing Homelessness Enrollment Rights and Services

    3. 3246 BP/P Restraint, Isolation, and Other Uses of Reasonable Force

    4. 3226 P Interviews and Interrogations of Students

    5. 5400 BP Personnel Leaves

What Every Employee Needs to Know Reminders

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