Francisco De Coronado

On One of his voyages

About Francisco

  • He was not interested in wealth or fame
  • he was 35 when he first made it to land and that year was 1535
  • he is a spanish person
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His trip

Francisco and his group were the first explorers to find the Grand Canyon in Arizona They traveled to Mexico, but the whole reason was to find the seven cites of gold to see if they were not real or they are real. The governor of coronado wanted to be rich if the seven cites of gold were filled with gold. The governor said if Francisco was gone for a long while then he had found lots of gold and if it was short he had found very little gold.
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some more information

Francisco was born in Spain in the big city of Salamanca. He died in Mexico city in Mexico on September 22, 1554. In July on one of his voyages he sent out 300 spanish men and 1,000 indanes to go explore some new land. In 1534 Francisco was chosen to lead a mission .