or by 2048 there will only be bubbles & blood under our seas

What is Overfishing?

The practice of both commercial and non-commercial fishing which depletes a fishery by catching so many adult fish that not enough remain to breed and replenish the population in a natural way. Overfishing basically exceeds the carrying capacity of a fishery.

Why We Need To Stop Today?

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"We are in the situation where 40 years down the line we, effectively, are out of fish." —Pavan Sukhdev, UN Environment Programme

  • Cod spices is over exploited in Halifax and a study says, the depleted stocks from over fishing in Halifax may never be able to bounce back again
  • 200 million people who completely depend on fishing for food security and livelihood.
  • 1 out of 5 people on this planet depends on fish as the primary source of protein
  • Destructive fishing techniques like cyanide fishing, bottom trawling and bycatch completely destroy marine ecosystems
  • 52% of fish stocks are fully exploited, 20% are moderately exploited, 17% are over exploited, 7% are depleted and only 1% is recovering from depletion
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What Can We Do To Stop It?

  • Safe catch limits should be implied on fishermen, monitoring and enforcement, controls on by catch and most importantly protection of marine habitats
  • As individuals read about the issue, always know what you eat, talk about it to your friends, write to your MP’s, write to a newspaper about it, you can also join an organization to help stop the issue or write a blog or just spread the word on twitter and raise awareness
  • Establishing and expanding Marine protected areas(MPAs) of the ocean where natural resources are protected and fishing is either restricted or banned altogether. Presently 1% of the oceans are MPAs. This number needs to be bigger if they are to help reverse the damage done by overfishing.