Basketball Cheer

Weekly News

First Game was a SUCCESS!

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Cheer Bear

Congrats to Emily Yeatts for being awarded the first Cheer Bear of the season!

The cheer bear will be awarded after every game!

"We Back Pat" Event!

Just a reminder!

Tickets are $5.00 at the door. There is a drawing each day for signed items. A donation of $2.00 gets you a ticket to win!

12/5 – Friday night – game at 7:30pm

Report to aux. gym (or cafeteria if gym is in use) at 6:30pm

White uniform with blue midriff/spankx

12/6 – Saturday afternoon – game at 1:30pm

Report to aux. gym (or cafeteria if gym is in use) at 12:30pm

Orange uniform with blue midriff/spankx

Games Next Week...Help needed!

I need parents to sign up to work at the games next week to help sell the t-shirts and poms at the game.

Tuesday, Lady Blaze game (6:00 - 7:30)
Tuesday, Blaze Boys game (7:30 - 9:00)

Friday, Lady Blaze game (6:00 - 7:30)
Friday, Blaze Boys game (7:30 - 9:00)


Don't forget that secret sisters start next week and our Christmas Party is at Jules house on Saturday (12/13) from 6-8!

First Pep Rally & Homecoming Game!!!

Since we have the two best basketball teams in the state :) we are having a hard time finding teams to come and play! SO, we only have 6 home games. This being said, we don't have very many opportunities for a pep rally this season.

Homecoming has been set for Friday, Jan 16th however The homecoming game will be played against LaVergne on Saturday Jan 17th at 6 p.m.

We will have our first Basketball Pep Rally on Jan. 16th. The girls are working on a new routine to bring out at the pep rally. Any of you are welcome to attend. Come to the school and sign in at 2:30 on that Friday and come to the main gym.

Homecoming Ideas

We need ideas for the Blaze Bash for homecoming. Last year the girls made doughnut bites with powdered sugar. This is not easy by any means!

We also have JoZoara Coffee Shop and their wonderful Mochas :)!

Put your thinking caps on and let me know your thoughts and ideas. I will need some parents to come and help that day during lunch. It is done indoors at the cafeteria and is much shorter that the Fall Homecoming.

Pink Out Game - January 27th against Smyrna

I have ordered the girls pink out shirts. :)

I have also gotten it approved for them to wear their white cheer shorts at the game. Please help me make sure the girls are in proper attire 'under' their shorts. They must have on white undergarments or they will NOT be able to cheer on the floor. Mrs. Connifey-Marlin was very adamant about this! White spandex can also be worn under the shorts.

Also, don't forget to get your pink socks that were on the supply/order list at the beginning of the year. These can be found at Dicks, Finish Line, or online. (Pictured above)

Build Me a Stone Wall - 'The Nehemiah Experiment'

The girls have been challenged to condition on nights they are not practicing with the cheer team. This is to help strengthen and increase their stamina.

Coach Griggs has made a "stone wall" and placed in on the bulletin board in my room. The girls are asked to sign the "stone wall" as a commitment to accept the challenge.
Facing The Giants - 'The Nehemiah Experiment'

Missing Basketball Games

I want to remind parents (and cheerleaders) that work is NOT an excuse for missing games or practices. The basketball schedule was sent out at least two months ago. There is no excuse not to know about the games at this point!

An unexcused absence from a game/practice = sitting with the coaches at the next game!



Unfortunately there is some 'trash talking' going on amongst the cheer team. I have addressed this with the team, however I want everyone to know that this will not be tolerated.

I realize that everyone will not get along. There are going to be times that they argue, however, talking about one another in the a disrespectful manner or singling out one girl when they are all in a group will not be tolerated.

Please address this with your cheerleader and make sure they understand that their actions may cause the coaches to intervene which means they will be taken off the floor if the issue continues.

Any problems need to be brought to one of the coaches immediately so it can be addressed.