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tampa sinkhole lawyer

Tampa Sinkhole Lawyers Real Estate Attorneys at the Galewski Law Group, P.A. use their long history in real estate and insurance claims to protect your home or investment property against sink hole damage.

Sinkhole claims are unique in the insurance claim industry, because the insurance industry has lobbied for so many years to exclude them from policies. Truth is even if your insurance policy specifically excludes sinkhole claims, you may have a right to have the company repair your home or pay off your mortgage. Specifically most all insurance policies must insure against a catastrophic loss. If you have a true sinkhole, and there is insurance on the home, you should have coverage.

Currently a number of insurance companies are fighting against your right to make a claim under your sinkhole coverage. Citizens, State Farm and several other companies appear to have entered into a pattern of denying anything other catastrophic damage. This is an inappropriate position for them to take. If your home has cracking, staircase marks, problems with holding water in your pool or other leaking that may indicate settling, it could be the start of something catastrophic and you should not wait until your home is lost to make a claim and repair or prevent further damage.