The Game Plan

Week of 9/19- 9/23

Upcoming Dates to Remember

This week

Monday 9/19- Signal Blue Hide and Lock Drill AND Fire Drill 8:15am

Tuesday 9/20, Wednesday 9/21, Thursday 9/22- Reading MAPS Testing 3-5

Wednesday 9/21- Half Day for students. Dismissal begins at 11:05am
Professional Development in Library at 1pm

Next Week

Tuesday 9/27, Wednesday 9/28, Thursday 9/29- Math MAPS Testing 3-5

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Above is what we value as a staff.

From Mr. VanRossum

Back to School Night was a tremendous success!! I have heard nothing but positive comments from parents about how they feel about this year. I appreciate your effort, attendance and commitment as we positively engage our families.

Please remember....

* To send home the handout you created for Back To School Night to families who did not attend.

* PALS and MAPS testing begins this week. Be mindful of that when walking by rooms in grades 3-5.

* Keep sending in the nominations for Staff Member of the Month. The First winner will be announced on the morning announcements the week of 9/26.

Positive Phone Calls from the office

Every teacher returned their Positive Phone Calls sheet from last week. We have enjoyed making these calls. A new sheet has been placed in your mailboxes. Resource teachers have asked to also be included and there is one in your mailboxes as well. Please complete and put in my mailbox by Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday: HALF DAY

Dismissal will begin at 11:05. Grab and Go lunch will be provided to students. A half day lunch schedule with the time each class is to come to the cafeteria will be shared.

You may leave campus for lunch but must return by 1pm.
We will meet in the library for a meeting and professional development. We will discuss the following.

1. Intervention (structure, start date, identifying which students qualify, etc)

2. Talent Ed (Evaluation System for Staff)- bring your laptops

3. Language Arts/Small Group Reading- Jackie Raye

Message from PTA

Teachers, Chamberlayne PTA will reimburse you $50 for school supplies spent in the beginning of this school year.

However, there are 4 guidelines you must complete to receive the $50:

1. Be a member of Chamberlayne PTA (only $5)

2. Complete reimbursement form (PTA has the forms)

3. Turn in receipt listing items purchased with the reimbursement form

4. Receipts can only be turned in from October 1 through December 1

From Mrs. Mullens- Associate Principal

The MAPS training meeting will take place Monday afternoon in the library. Testing begins on September 20th and will run through September 29th. PALS testing will take place in second and third grades this week and in first grade next week. Jeanie is working on making sure we have subs for those days. Thanks Jeannie!

Don’t forget that field trips should be scheduled and submitted in travel tracker by October 14th. Please let me know if you have questions about the process. One thing we have learned is that you cannot start a request and come back to it later, it won’t save! Thanks to those who have already submitted requests!


Thank you so much for welcoming me into your classrooms! I am really appreciative of your patience and support. Classroom guidance lessons will continue this week for those classes I have not visited yet. Be on the lookout for an email from me later this week with links to two Google Docs: one for feedback on this month’s classroom lesson (optional) and one for scheduling your October classroom lesson (not optional :).

I will put flyers about HCPS parent info sessions for Gifted Education services (K-5th grades) and for the IB program (5th grade) in your box as I receive them, either this week or next. Please send those home the week that you get them in your boxes. You are welcome to direct any questions about these services/application processes to me. The information will also be updated on my blog, which can be accessed through the “School Counseling” link on the Chamberlayne homepage.

Safety Patrol Officers (5th graders) assume their duties Monday. They have been asked to be helpful and kind in redirecting misbehaviors and to ask for nearby adults’ help if students are not responding to their redirections. If at any time you see a Safety Patrol Officer not being a good role model and feel that a “strike” is warranted (they get 3 strikes and then they’re off duty until the end of the semester), please let me or Mrs. Abernathy know. The students are aware of this strike system and we are hopeful that it will not need to be used often, but it is there if we need it.