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Social Media and Cyberbullying

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Last week, the school was visited by guest speakers who talked about social media to students in grades 4 to 8.

On November 12, Malcolm and Briana from The Culture Project presented material as it relates to the respectful and responsible use of social media. The Culture Project is an initiative of young people set out to restore culture through the experience of virtue.

On November 13, former Holy Angels parent and retired Daly City Police Officer Lee Magalong, and current parent Deputy Sheriff Ron Malabed talked to the students about cyberbullying.

Here are the sixth graders’ take aways from the presentations:

Taylor learned to be aware of what is on social media, to be careful and mindful of other people and not to lie about herself. Jenna learned that we are made for love and we should cherish other people’s love for us. She also learned to report incidents to a trusted adult and be the bigger person. Aliyah said she needs to use social media and manage her time wisely. She said we should think carefully about what we post on social media as there are consequences. Jaymeson and Arya learned not to bully, not to be mean or say inappropriate things to people online. If we do, we could get fined and we could lose our phones. Sienna said we should try to stand up for the people who are bullied and tell parents or a teacher about the cyberbully. Tyler said social media can be good or bad depending on how we use it. Julian learned that sometimes we should not care about other people’s social media lives and don’t rely on your phone all the time. He also learned that cyberbullying can get you in big trouble, such as getting arrested. Nina said “I matter and I can remind other people that they matter, too.” She learned to be more careful and watch the things she posts because they can be hurtful. Rebecca learned that our world can be much better, but we are the ones who make it this way. She understood the consequences of cyberbullying are fair, the police are helping us and we must report bad behavior. Aaron said he can help and uplift others when they are bullied. He learned that consequences of bullying include paying fines, getting suspension in school, or even arrested. Kelan said that one compliment could turn someone’s life around. Compliments help people tremendously. He said serious cyberbullying could land you in jail. Isaiah learned to ask if someone is okay and needs to talk. Danika learned about true happiness, true friendship and true love. She learned how to secure her account and make wise choices on the Internet. Michael said we should always call out the bully and that whatever you post, you can never take it back. Kaydan learned to be kind and respectful. Luisa said we should be careful what we do and learned the dangers of cyberbullying and how it affects our lives. Jaiden learned we are all loved.

Sixth graders are very grateful to all the speakers for taking time to come to Holy Angels to speak to the students about some important issues.

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