La Belgique

Utilisation du Français en Belgique

Le drapeau de la belgique est noir, jaune, et rouge.

Interesting Fact About Belgium

  • There are over 800 kinds of beers made in Belgium
  • The first "pralines" chocolate was made in Belgium
  • Belgium makes 220,000 tons of chocolate per year (YUM!)
  • Education is mandatory up to age of 18 which is the highest in the world
  • Belgium is the capital of the EU (European Union)
  • And at last, Belgium produces the highest number of comic books (EVEN MORE THAN JAPAN!!!)
  • Some of their famous comics are "The Smurfs" and "The Adventures of Tintin"

Main Language in Belgium

Belgium has 3 official languages

The main language in Belgium is Flemish which is a local dialect of Dutch.

Then French is the 2nd most spoken in Belgium.

Then a very minor percentage of people in Belgium speak German.

About 59% of the inhabitants of Belgium belongs to the Flemish Community, 40% to the French Community, and 1% to the German Community.

It is estimated that about 4,300,000 people can speak full French in Belgium. (Estimated in 2005)

Languages used by the Local

The lingual communities of Belgium can be divided in to 4 parts:

  • Flanders- Flemish
  • Wallonia- French
  • Brussels- Bilingual: French 90% & Flemish 10%
  • German speaking community in Wallonia- German