George Pickett

Cheyenne Bowman

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Background & Early Life

George Pickett was born January 16/25/28, 1825 (the precise date is disputed) at Richmond, VA. The eldest child of Robert and Mary Pickett, he was educated locally before travelling to Spring field, IL to study law. While there, he befriended Representaive John T. stuart and had some contact with a young Abraham Lincoln. He received an appointment to the United States Military Acodemy at the age of 17, and graduated last in his class at West Point in 1846. Died July 30,1875 at the age of 50 in Norfolk, Virgina

Born & War

He was immediately sent to participate in the Mexican-American War where he received to brevet promotion for being the first to climb a parapet at the battle of chapultepec. After the Mexican-American War, Pickett continued to serve in the United States military and was assigned to the Washington Territary, where he became involed in a land dispute with Great Britain known as the Pig War.


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