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November Update from Ali

Dear Q300 Families,

It was great to see many of you at Parent Teacher Conferences last night. If I didn't get a chance to see you, you may always email me or set up a conference during our Parent Engagement time each Monday. I could also be available for a Skype session or phone chat if getting here is hard for you.

This semester, kindergarten and first graders are beginning to use MicroWorlds Jr. If your child attended kindergarten here, this will not be new to them, but we will delve deeper into the world of computer programming and creating simple animations. Kindergarteners will focus on using the drawing tools to create digital art. I'll be sure to post some of their work on this website, so check back often!

Second graders will create documents using Pages. They will practice keyboarding while writing letters, creating flyers, and eventually publishing their non-fiction writing pieces from class. They will also learn how to use keyboard shortcuts to quickly accomplish many common tasks, such as selecting text and manipulating objects.

Third and fourth graders are creating their own podcasts! We began the unit by listening to an episode from Wow in the World by NPR. They wrote down what they observed and how they think the podcast was created. After a class discussion, they brainstormed topics of interest, got into groups of two or three, and are currently writing scripts. After some practice and revisions, students will record their voices using GarageBand and add music. Once their podcasts are complete, you'll be able to listen to them on our class blog -- I'll let you know when they're added. In the meantime, it would be helpful if you could check out some family friendly podcasts at home. The more exposure they have, the easier it will be for them to create their own.

Thanks for your ongoing support and all you do.



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