Mike Lee and the Keystone Pipeline

Senator R-UT

Why he approves of the pipeline

The pipeline would create 20,000 American jobs and supply the U.S. with 830,000 barrels of oil every day. America would be more energy self sufficient. Not only would it create jobs, it would also lower gas prices and keep more money in peoples pockets which would help local economies substancially. Since the local economies benefit, state economies would improve. When state economies improve the national economy improves.

Views on Congress Because of Their Denial

“There is absolutely no rational justification for standing in the way of profitable enterprise that would create American jobs, American wealth, and greater American energy security.” Lee said. “President Obama is kowtowing to the most extreme elements of the environmentalist movement by blocking the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, and he has the audacity to do so while calling Congress ‘obstructionist.’”

Political Views

He is a mormon and can be considered a way right conservative. He thinks minimum wage and child labor laws are unconstitutional because the government has no right to set a wage and keep people from wanting to work because of their age. He hates Obamacare and is currently trying to defund it along with Senator Cruz of Texas.