Dragon Weekly

Week of July 6, 2020


Many of you know me - Misty Christian. I graduated from Mountainburg in 1989 and began teaching here in July, 1997. I am a Dragon through and through.

This past January, Dr. Atwell, Superintendent of Schools, approached me about becoming Communications Director (CD) for the district. I had already been overseeing the maintenance of information on the district website. As CD, I will oversee the website, social media, email distribution, mail outs, etc.

As I venture into this new role, please keep in mind that this is new for me and for the district. It is a work in progress. Communication between the school and the home is always vital to each student's education... there is no way around that and especially as we begin to charter a lot of unfamiliar territory in the upcoming school year.

As Communications Director, my goals are, but not limited to...

  • Provide you with a Dragon Weekly every Sunday at 6:00 PM on the district Facebook page, website, district app, and email. This will include all sorts of information, but primarily what you can expect for the upcoming week.
  • Use every communications tool available to get information to all interested parties.

So with that being said... here we go!

Register for Kindergarten at MES

Click HERE to get information regarding registering you child for Kindergarten at MES!

Reminder to Parents of Dragon Athletes

Back in June, a post was made on Facebook regarding a new online system from the Arkansas Activities Association called DragonFly. Every athlete will need to register on this system.

Also, any student participating in Dragon Athletics for the 2020-2021 school year need to complete the following health-related trainings:

  • Heat Illness/Hydration Training
  • Concussion Training
  • Cardiac Arrest Training

Click here to go to the website for all this information.