Collins Weekly Update

Mrs. Cebula -January 28, 2022

What's Happening at Collins... ASK YOUR CHILD ABOUT...


Flat and Solid shapes! Ask them about Greg Tang and part/part/total model.

Grade 1:

Non-Fiction text features. We learned how to use the Table of Contents, headings, glossary, labels and diagrams, captions and index!

Grade 2:
Subtraction with regrouping. Have your child show you how to subtract 137 from 353.

Grade 3:
The buffalo hide project: Ask your child about the symbols they used to represent their lives!

Grade 4:
The bones in the human body! Ask them about joints and how this helps our bodies to move and function. Also, Ask your child to show you their Southeast presentation!

Grade 5:
In preparation for Black History Month, students in social studies are researching an influential person and creating a portrait gallery that will be shared among the entire grade. Ask your child who they are learning about!

Music: 3rd graders are beginning to receive their recorders! Ask students in Mrs. Isakower’s and Mrs. Tighe’s classes to show you their “chicken,” “bunny” and “unicorn” hand position.

PE: Jump rope tricks!


The book Olivia and character traits.


Second graders created magical trees inspired by Artist Klimpt

Collins Winter Concert

Thursday, Feb. 3rd, 7pm

11 Broadlawn Drive

Livingston, NJ

Winter Concert - Thursday, February 3rd MPM 7:00pm. Only two parents are allowed per student. No additional guests will be permitted. The event will be live streamed so others can enjoy it from home.

You can watch the concert live by clicking here Thursday, February 3rd at 7:00pm

Do Happy

As we look at our Pillars of Ways to Do Happy, now (or any day) is a perfect time to think about TRYING NEW THINGS as a great way to Do Happy! Students will watch a video next week and challenge themselves to try something new. Be sure to ask them all about it.


Please make sure students come to school with a winter coat, gloves, and a hat. We still go outside for recess during the winter months.


Don’t forget lunch must be ordered by Sunday at noon for the following week. You can order now for the first week of January. To order lunch please CLICK HERE