Ipads in the Classroom

Grades K-5

The Benefits of Using an Ipad in the Classroom

Many users adore the Ipad because it includes a variety of game like applications that reinforce curriculum topics learned in class.  However, if used to its fullest potential, the Ipad can be the best time saver, motivator, assistive support worker and classroom management tool you have used in your entire career.  Listed below are just a few of the supports  you have access to when downloading a variety of applications on your Ipad.  (a)  Manage student progress, behaviour and grades through a variety of reward system apps. assessment apps. and personal organizer apps.  (b)  Provide assistive technology to accommodate ELL and ISSP students.  (c)  Interact with students and gather immediate diagnostic assessment for effective responsive teaching  (d)  Promote more collaboration between students on group projects (e)  Enhance literacy and numeracy skills  (f)  Encourage students to be creators of information rather than consumers  (g)  Model key concepts and ideas with virtual manipulatives and digital graphic organizers  (h)  Differentiate learning to appeal to a variety of student interests and learning styles 
iPads In The Classroom

Creative Book Builder

This is an excellent tool for collaboration and project creation.  Creative Book Builder is an application that allows students to create a personal ibook with the option to insert videos, images and audio.  Once amazing feature is that it includes a "creative commons" tab where students can search for free images without worrying about copyright infringement.
How to Create an iBook Using Creative Book Builder App on the iPad