Social Issues

Does your social class/Culture effect how people see you?

What Is A Social Class

A social class is a division of labels defining your economic "value". Social Classes have been around since the Egyptian times and still have not gone away.

Does your social class/culture effect the way people view you as a person.

I do believe that your social class or culture does effect the way people view you as a person. The way to put it in a modern day example is you go to school and person A has Name brand clothes and name high end shoes. Person B has good will clothes and Walmart brand shoes. Which one do you think is more privileged? People tend to judge you if your different.
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How does your culture effect the way people view you?

We all have great stories Thats what makes the world so great. Sure conflicts happen , but why? Cultures clash with each other. There are conflicts because we live in a world with different kinds of people. Unfortunately we have always feared the others or the unknown. Anyone who isn't like us. People from different country, religion, or background. Our first reaction to the unknown has always been fear.