North V.S. South

Differences between North and South

North and South Transportion

Transportation in the North was fast because the trains were faster in the north than the steam boats in the South. The transportation in the South was different then the North because it was a lot cheaper then it is in the north.In the South the best transportation is by water. In the North highways were built to connect the new western states with the east. In the South they had railroads to send their crops to the North.
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Economy in the North and South

Economy in the South goes like this. In the South they used a machine called the cotton gin. Another thing they did was they grew a lot of cotton for clothes blankets and warm things. The next thing is the most white southerners were agrarian who favored a way of farming.Finally in the south there were a lot of plantation owners.

In the North the economy was a lot different. One way it was different because they worked in factories. When they worked in factories they usually made things in a machine made. Behind these machines were part of the industrial revolution. Finally it created a new class of workers as well as a new class of industrialists.

Geography in the North and South

Geography in the North is like this. In the North there were a lot of hills/valleys. Another this is that there were over 100 hundred bays in the North. In the north the people there all experienced the 4 seasons. The next thing is that there are central plains and a lot of rich soil. Finally in the North there was a lot of deforestation. That means that there was a lot of tree cutting so that they can use the land for farming or building things.

Geography in the South is like this. In the South there is a lot of low lands and flat rivers. The next thing is that there were a lot of thick forests. Another thing is the southern states enjoyed mild winters, and long hot, humid summers. In the South there was plentiful rainfall and long growing seasons. Finally in the South was that plains were with swamps, sugarcane, and rice.

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Society in the North and South

In the South there were a lot of free African Americans in the 1800's. Life as a slave or a free African Americans was tough during these times because of discrimination. Slavery deeply effected the lives of all the southerners. Some slaves worked as cooks, carpenters, blacksmiths, house servants or nursemaids. A small group of wealthy plantation owners dominated the economy and politics of the south.

In the north not a lot of people were wealthy. In the north the blacks didn't have the same rights as the whites. Most immigrants from the north were usually from Ireland or Germany.

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By: Logan Zarra Period3