BOE Recap

November 17, 2022

Board Meeting Details

This regular Board of Education meeting was held in person at the District Office.

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:06 p.m.

2. Approval of Meeting Agenda

The agenda was approved.

3. Closed Session

The board adjourned to closed session at 6:06 p.m. to discuss:

Security procedures, school building safety and security, and the use of personnel and equipment to respond to an actual, a threatened, or a reasonably potential danger to the safety of employees, students, staff, the public, or public property. 5 ILCS 120/2(c)(8)

4. Reconvene to Open Session

The board reconvened to open session at 6:57 p.m.

5. What's Good in 109

Mr. Steckling presented the monthly What's Good in 109 report, highlighting:

The 109 Gives Back Thanksgiving Food & Supply Drive (showcasing collections at Wilmot)


-Caruso scientists embarking on their annual Halloween Science Spooktacular


-South Park holding a very special and memorable Veterans Day assembly and welcoming almost a dozen veterans to the buildng

-Kipling 4th graders hanging out at the grocery store with their teacher and shopping to help those in need


-Shepard Baking Club's successful start to the school year!

-Student musicians from both Caruso and Shepard being recognized for qualifying for ILMEA All District 7 Honors Ensembles!

Walden is our featured school of the month, as we showcase the 3 C's in one building:

CHALLENGE: Students learning to navigate robots and new technology in STEAM class

COLLABORATE: 2nd grade classes coming together for some fun activities on Spider Day, like spinning a class web

CREATE: Walden is having their first school musicals in years... the 3rd graders put on a show this week traveling through U.S. music history

Finally, Ms. Bartkowicz's 1st grade class was featured in a video about their "Thankful Tree" project. The board members and administrators were given leaves to write down what they are thankful for and they will be added to the tree!

What's Good in 109: Giving Thanks in 1st Grade

6. Superintendent's Report

Mr. Simeck talked about some events that have happened around the district this month. Kipling had Special Someone Day, where students were able to show off work and spend time with someone special in their life.

He spent time in kindergarten at Wilmot, where students had a pajama party reward for demonstrating great behavior and other classes had a visit from the Deerfield Bannockburn Fire Department to show off some of their equipment.

A number of our schools had great Veterans Day events. South Park hosted a wonderful assembly that featured a number of veterans with ties to students. Mr. Kuo, an Army veteran, spoke to four different classes at Walden about his service.

DPS 109 has had and is scheduled to have a number of collaborative meetings. There was a math placement meeting with District 113. The 440 group is scheduling a follow-up math progression data meeting for the spring.

Mr. Simeck congratulated Dr. Dale Fisher, who was recently sworn in as president of AASPA.

He also thanked the board members for their service, as just two days prior was Board Member Appreciation Day in Illinois.

7. Community Participation Relative to Matters on the Meeting Agenda (Policy 2:230)

There were no speakers present.

8. Public Hearing: Tax Levy

The hearing opened at 7:38 p.m. Per statute, President Montgomery asked for public comment three times. There was no public comment. The hearing closed at 7:39 p.m.


9.1. Freedom of Information Requests (Policy 2:250)

Dr. Filippi said there were none this month.

9.2. Memorandum of Understanding - COVID-19 Additional Instructional Stipend-2022-23

Dr. Arnold said this agreement allows students who are absent due to COVID would be able to have access to a staff member. It only pertains to COVID. This is a state mandate that DPS 109 must follow.

9.3. Memorandum of Understanding - Online Training

Dr. Filippi discussed the agreement that allows for time for DESSA members to complete required online trainings.

9.4. Bid Results - Summer Work 2023

Dr. Filippi discussed the bid results. We are proactively thinking about this because the time it can take to acquire materials/supplies can be lengthy. He presented different proposals for the board to consider regarding summer construction work. It would be up for a vote next month.

9.5. Legislative Priorities

Mr. Simeck presented a recommendation to the board about issues that they could advocate on with other elected officials/organizations.


10.1. Consent Agenda*

Meeting minutes were approved.

Personnel items were approved.

Bills for payment were approved.

Destruction of closed session audio was approved.

10.2. Treasurer's Report - October 2022

The report was approved.

10.3. 2023-24 Public School Calendar

The calendar was approved.

Click here to see the calendar.

10.4. Resolution Approving the Aggregate Levy for the Year 2022

The resolution was approved.

10.5. Resolution Authorizing Levy For Special Education Purposes

The resolution was approved.

10.6. Resolution Authorizing A Supplemental Property Tax Levy To Pay The Principal Of And Interest On Outstanding Limited Bonds Of School District Number 109, Lake County, Illinois

The resolution was approved.

10.7. Consultant Contract Approval Heidy LaFleur

The contract was approved.

11. Committee Reports (Policy 2:150)

Mr. Kuo reported that the finance committee met earlier tonight and got a clean bill of health on the audit.

Mrs. Jakymiw reported that TrueNorth met this month.

Mr. Morrison reported on policy committee. Recommendations from that will be brought forth to the December meeting. They will try to coordinate a meeting in January to review PRESS updates.

12. Open Community Participation (Policy 2:230)

There were no speakers present.

13. Board/Superintendent Other

Dr. Filippi updated the board on the Village of Deerfield’s plan for a TIF in the downtown area.

Several board members and Mr. Simeck are attending the Triple I conference this weekend in Chicago.

President Montgomery gave Dr. Filippi a shoutout for the clean and successful audit and for recent business awards from ASBO.

14. Adjournment to Closed Session

The meeting adjourned to closed session at 8:24 p.m.

To discuss: Collective negotiating matters between the public body and its employees or their representatives, or deliverations concerning salary schedules for one or more classes of employees. 5 ILCS 120/2(c)(2)

The Board reconvened to Open Session following that for the sole purpose of adjournment.

The next school board meeting is...

Thursday, December 15, 2022 @ 7 p.m. - Regular Board Meeting