Lime Bear Newsletter

April 11-15

Ask Me What I Learned Last Week!

*Were the animals in Bear Wants More the same as the animals in Bear Snores On? (yes)

*Can you name some of the seasons of the year? (fall, spring, summer, winter)

*In what season would you wear sandals? Snowboots? In what season would you use a rake? A snow shovel? (Just chat with your preschooler and help them understand why specific objects would be needed in specific seasons.)

*What colors are the different parts of a growing carrot? (green and orange. We have 'researched' that the green part eventually flowers and produces seeds and that the orange part is a root that grows under ground. Children need many opportunities to think about new learning, so this is an opportunity to chat, look up growing carrots on your computer, and maybe draw a picture at home.

Upcoming Events:

*April 12 & April 19: Love and Logic at Great Beginnings

*April 20-21: Parent-Teacher Conferences. Sign-up sheets went out last week. I will send out confirmations this week. Conferences will last 30-40 minutes.

*April 20-21: GBEEC bookfair will occur during conferences. See link below!

*April 22: No School, comp day for conferences

There is NO SCHOOL April 20, 21, or 22 because of conferences.

*May 4: Family Day at Paradise Park. I will be there from 3:30 to 6:00.

*May 6: Firefighter and Police department visits!

*May 17: Partners In Education Year End Celebration and Sensory Day.

*May 20: Last day of school.

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This Week We Will:

*Read, discuss and act out a Matt and Molly story, The Droopy Flower. This will help the kids work on asking and answering questions, vocabulary, and remember what we have learned about flowers.

*Read the AWESOME book, Windblown. We will recreate some of the images from the book at circle and table top times.

*Complete a cutting sample for our portfolios based on Windblown.

*Complete an informal gross motor assessment.

*Complete our garden 'research!'

Thank you so much for sending in snacks. This week snacks will be:

Monday: fruit or applesauce cup, pretzels ( Thank you, Brynn, Cole & Isaiah!)

Tuesday: cheese crackers and fruit snacks (Thank you, Joyah & Judah!)

Thursday: goldfish crackers (Thank you, Isaiah and Dane!)

Friday: pudding (Thank you, Isaiah!)