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Week of 9/30/19

Welcome to the second edition of Power Tech Weekly!

This week's edition features some basics on what exactly "blended learning" is, a resource you can use to help set guidelines as to what makes a good presentation, and the first part in a series highlighting Google Classroom.

Technology Integration and Blended Learning go hand in hand, but there are some differences. The below video is a great explanation of the relationship between just using technology in the classroom and truly creating a blended learning environment. Many of you are already doing this, which is fantastic! Check this video out and post some ideas of how you can include technology into your lessons and make them truly "blended" experiences.
Blended Learning and Technology Integration


I remember my first PowerPoint presentation. I was a sophomore in high school and it was a World History class with Mr. Iacono. My friends and I were so impressed at our technological abilities. We even figured out how to animate the text in the last slide so that it only appeared for a split second, subliminally showing the words "Give us an A+".

That was pretty cool stuff in 1995, and in many ways the "PowerPoint Presentation" hasn't changed too much. Sure there are new tools, like Google Slides, Prezi, and Apple Keynote, but the basic process of creating a presentation are all still there.

Luckily, (most) of the people out there giving presentations have evolved and don't just read the text on the screen and move on. They are entertaining, engage the audience, and get on the fly feedback during the presentation. Just check out some TED talks and you'll see what I mean.

Preparing students to give presentations is an important skill that needs to be practiced and developed. Here is a link to my guide in helping students be awesome presenters.

Need some One-on-One Help?

I am happy to be available to any Northbridge staff member that needs some extra help with using technology. Whether it is setting up your class website, getting started with Google Classroom, or just brainstorming ideas on engaging your students with technology, set up a time to meet. My place or yours?
One-on-One time with Anthony - Appointment Calendar

Find a time that works for you and me. I'll come to your classroom, or you can meet in my office at the middle school. Whichever is more convenient for you!

Step 1 - Getting Started

Google Classroom is a great tool to organize your digital classroom. Get started HERE with the basics including a step-by-step infographic and a how-to video to get you up and running.

Google Classroom - Getting Started
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edTech Reads

Interested in exploring more about blended learning? Check out these two great articles on the subject.

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What is an EdCamp?

Edcamp is a free professional development conference with informal sessions that are run by and for all educators, where anyone can present. The focus is on collaboration and connections, group expertise, tech tools, and instructional design. Edcamp is a professional learning phenomenon that was developed in Philadelphia, PA and has spread throughout the world.

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