Sojourner Truth

By Dillon P

Reason's For Being A Activist + Early Life

Sojourner Truth Had Many Brother's And Sister's But They Were Sold Away Before She Was Born

3 Of The Children She Had With The Fellow Slave Were Sold Away From Her

She Was Born Into Slavery.

Important Events

Sojourner Truth Served At A Household In New Paltz New York 1810-1827 Where She Had 5 Children With A Fellow Slave

There Was a Petiton Drive For The Free People Of The Idea Of The "Negro State"


Sojourner Truth Fled Her Master 1 Year Before Freedom Of Slavery

In The 1850's She Set Home In Battle Creek Where It Would Be Her Base Of Operations For The Rest Of Her Life

Sojourner Truth Is Well Known For Her Stirring Speech "Ain't I A Woman?" At The Woman's Convention In Ohio 1851

She Once Traveled To The White House For A Private Meeting With Aberham Lincolin


She Fled To A Quaker Family In 1827

During The Civil War She Collected Supplies For Black Regiments

She Died Of Old Age In 1883 Her Funeral In Battle Creek Was The Biggest They Have Ever Seen.

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Random Stuff.

Truth Was 6ft Tall With A PowerFul Voice