What's Happening in Biology?

Week of 9/22-9/26

Welcome to a short, weird schedule week at South!

First off, Happy Monday off! :)

When the students come back on Tuesday, we will be collecting their cell charts/coloring that they needed to finish over the weekend. Then we will be taking notes over cells and their organelles.

Wednesday and Thursday we are on block schedule for Academic Recovery Time. I will see Biology on Wednesday for a block hour (90 minutes). In that 90 minute period, we will be creating slides of animal and plant cells for them to look at under the microscopes. They will be doing drawings and then comparing/contrasting the two types of cells. I will not see the kids on Thursday because of the block schedule.

When we reconvene on Friday, we will be finishing up the notes and watching a few short video clips on cells and their importance.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Weiss