Literacy and Technology

Student Teaching 2016

Smore the Virtual Newsletter

Welcome to Smore. Smore is an easy to use platform that is great for making newsletters. It is all done online and can be shared online as well. You can change the themes, colors, fonts and the entire look of the page. Feel free to add pictures, videos, audio, calenders, and so much more. This is one tool you are not going to want to miss. It is completely free!! Check out smore here.
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Digital Citizenship in the Classroom

One of the biggest fears that many teachers have with bringing technology into the classroom is digital citizenship. BrainPop is a fun interactive online platform that helps teachers teach digital citizenship. It is important that students are reminded how to act and use the technology appropriately. Check out what BrainPop has to offer here.

Apps of the Month

Global Read Aloud

This is a great program to incorporate technology in literacy in the upper grades. This program is made to use one book to connect the world; and they use technology to do so. Each classroom is to pick a book that interests them, and they are told to read it over a six week period. During the six week period the students will have a chance to communicate and have a "book club" with students from around the world that are reading the same book. Types of technology that have been used to connect students and classrooms all across the world are Twitter, Skype, Edmodo, Wiki, Email, and so many mores. This really incorporates technology and literature into the classroom for the students. They get to experience reading, but it makes it more fun and gives it a more personal connection for the students. They will want to be more involved in the book knowing they get to use technology to discuss it; rather than just using the same methods in class. For more information check out this website

Storyboard That

Here is a great tool for story boards. There is a free version but if you buy the monthly version it is much better quality. It is a fun interactive way for your students to put together a story with pictures. Check out story board that here.