Number the Stars

By Lois Lowry


After Ellen's parents mysteriously disappear, she is left to stay with her best friend Annemarie and her family. She is very worried about her mom and dad because she doesn't know where they have been taken, but she knows it was to keep her safe from the Nazis. There is a few kinks in this plan though. Ellen is Jewish, Annemarie's family is not, and the German soldiers have been searching everywhere for Jews.

When some German soldiers knock on the door of the apartment they are living in, in the middle of the night, Ellen and Annemarie are rudely awakened with a fright. Annemarie reminds Ellen to act as her sister, but then she notices a Jewish necklace hanging around Ellen's neck and quickly rips it off and promises to keep it in a safe place until it was OK to wear it again. After fooling the soldiers, Annemarie, her mom, little sister, and Ellen flee o their uncles house. One night Annemarie awakes to find her mother out of bed and nowhere to be found. How will things turn out for Ellen and her family, and will Annemarie ever see Ellen again to return her necklace?


1. German soldiers stood on the corners of almost every street to look for Jews.

2. Special handkerchiefs that smelled like rabbit's blood and cocaine were used to hurt search dogs sense of smell, so that they wouldn't be able to sniff out the Jews.

3. Denmark surrendered to Germany in 1940.

People who will like this book...

People who aren't just looking for all the facts, but a good story about the holocaust that is fictional, yet most events that happen in the book most likely could have happened to many people during this time period.




3 and a half stars