Welcome to Zaarly

Cheers to the first 5 orders.

Earn rewards to help you build your business

Complete five more orders and five reviews in the next few weeks and you'll get the all of the reward packages below as a sign of our commitment to helping you build your business.

Who should you approach for your next five orders?

It's time to reach out to the people you trust for your next five orders. You'll get honest feedback that will help you perfect your experience. Your first order may have been rocky, but now you have the opportunity to put your learnings to the test.

Terms & Conditions

All Orders need to be placed within the next 14 days. Limit one order per buyer. Orders placed at Bazaars, from Zaarly employees or which intentionally violate the spirit of the Zaarly community are excluded.

Steps to making your orders amazing:

1. Communicate: Respond to your buyer within 24 hours. Go ahead and download the Zaarly mobile app. It makes it easy to respond when you're on the go.

2. Service: Your product is amazing. Write a handwritten note or include a free sample. Make your buyer remember you, and your product.

3. Feedback: Prompt your buyer to review you on Zaarly. This will give you feedback and help build the credibility of your storefront.

Have you read the Selling Guide?

The training wheels are coming off! Within the next few days you'll receive your first order. You've prepped for this moment and reading the Selling Guide is a crucial step in that preparation. Any questions along the way please reach out. Thanks!