The Apartheid

A segregation of the races

When And Where

The Apartheid started in 1948 and ended in 1993. It took place mainly in South Africa.

How and What

The Apartheid was a racial segregation that gave white South Africans more power and more respect and the Black South Africans got the total opposite. It started when the all white South African government decided to take all rights and citizenship's away from Black South Africans.

Key Event

Nelson Mandela stood up against apartheid and got thrown in jail. He had many chances to be released but he wouldn't go because the whites where gonna make him tell everybody to stop standing up for what they believe in but finally they let him go. He later got elected to be the first Black president for South Africa.

Key people

Nelson Mandela the first Black president for South Africa. Afrikaners/Boers/Dutch.

How did they stop Apartheid?

Many governments all throughout South Africa started opposing Apartheid and then finally they let Nelson Mandela out of jail and that ended Apartheid.