Final Decision

The school that I chose

I chose Syracuse University because it has a great fashion program and it offers volleyball. I also chose it because it's farthest away from home so I know what it's like to live by myself.

Parent Respones

Mom- "I think that it's a great idea for you to go to a school out of state so that you can meet new people and try different things. I always knew that you would do something with fashion because you have always liked clothes and shopping. We will support you through out all of your decisions, we just want to see you happy."

Dad- "New York is a very loud, busy city and there's tons of people but once you get used to it you're going to love living there. I've put aside some money and put it into an account for your college fees. We support you no matter what because we love you."


I emailed an administrator from Syracuse but unfortunately haven't recieved a response. Some of the questions I asked were about how their scholarships work for sports. Also jobs that you can have as a freshman on campus. The other one was if the classes for a certain degree were all in the same building or close to eachother