Evan Middleton

Impact of the U.S. constitution

In Philadelphia on May 25th of 1787 the U.S. constitution was written. On September 17 1787 it was signed.

Impact on the development of the U.S. government

The constitution leaves a very long legacy, forever shaping the fate of many other countries. Some of those countries may or may not be in a state favorable to liberty or not, its undeniable that the constitutions guidelines have caused people to rethink how to organize their potential systems. The core idea that a government should exist and function by the consent of the people instead of a government telling everyone what to do.

Accomplishments at the time

At the time the U.S. constitution established Americas national government and fundamental laws, it also guaranteed basic rights for the people.

Reasons for being written

The Constitution was written because many of the countries leaders weren't happy with the set up of the government. The goal of the constitutional convention of 1787 was to create a new federal government that has more power, except still protect the peoples individual rights.