Give Yourself a Raise this Spring!

Team Booking Event February 25-March 1

You deserve a raise!!

Spring is here, and I want to help you boost your earnings! Join our team for a week long booking challenge that will help YOU have the earnings you desire this season! We will follow the circle of success tips and plans to move your business forward. Everyone loves a little motivation and a little prize, and it's more fun to book together than alone. What have you got to lose? Get a head start by warming up your contacts early in the week- and I am going to make it easy on you.....I will be sending each of you a "warm-up" email. Feel free to use it to forward to all your contacts. Or use your own. After that, it's simple---- follow-up by phone or email with those people and book those shows. You can use "March Words to Say" for inspiration.

Booking Blitz!!

Monday, Feb. 25th 2013 at 9am to Saturday, March 2nd 2013 at 5pm


Challenge Details

Challenge Details: Use one work week to ADD* at least 1 trunk show to your trunk show calendar in March OR April! Each stylist who books 2 trunk shows will be able to pick out either a friendship bracelet, Julep Bangle, Utility Tote or select pair of studs to add to their trunk show samples.

Add more than 2 trunk shows to your calendar and also be entered to win a $50 product of their choice!! Not only will you have the opportunity to win jewelry but you are potentially adding hundreds in commission over the next month and taking advantage of this selling season!

Submit your bookings to your me and I will keep track of everyone's trunk shows. Valid booking includes hostess name and trunk show date.

**Please note that any trunk shows that you have gotten confirmation of trunk show date prior to February 25th are NOT part of the challenge.The goal is to help you earn a RAISE over your normal earnings by adding extra shows this Spring or getting your business up and running. Trunk shows must be in person trunk shows, not online.**

Organize Your Week

Monday/Tuesday: Get your list of contacts together and send out "Warm Up" email to all your contacts. Make sure to Bcc: them on your contact list.

Wednesday-Saturday: Start contacting your "potential hostesses" regarding having a show in March or April. Get it in before the craziness of Summer begins. Remind them how easy it is.

***I will also be sending out daily tips to everyone to help them get on the right track.


Karla Chambless Woods

Lead Stylist/Independent Stylist, Stella & Dot