Fight Song Service Project

Logan Hazlewood

Homeless Shelter Service

This summer I went to a homeless shelter to help feed them dinner and organize their rooms. We feed them dinner. Also we helped make the food also. I helped move boxes of canned food and help fix their beds. I think it helped them a lot because we brought them food and help organize all their stuff. Also I think it helped them and us a lot to show how hard life can be. I would for sure do it again because it opened my eyes to see what life can be like. Also it showed me to always help. I want other people to have this experience. I would for sure recommend this experience to someone.
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Helping Others

You should always help people when they need help. There's people in need. Helping others should make you happy. If someone fails, bring them back up. It helps people how to help. Also it shows people that they can help. It shows how hard life can be.

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They are a organization within a church and help with homeless shelters and other things. Also they help other animals and people in need. They make a huge difference for people in need. They offer people to help in need. They allow people and let people volunteer to help.
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