Andrea Maldonado 8D

Why is important to recycle?

Is important to recycle because we can reuse some things and stop doing a lot of contamination, also if we recycle we can help to nature because we are not going to need more and more things everyday

What is recycling´s greatest economic benefit?

This is a economic benefit because if we recycle we are not going to spent a lot of money on new stuff because we are going to recycle and reuse the things, so wiht this we can save money for really important things

What are the environmental benefits of recycling?

Some environmental benefits that we are not going to cut down a lot of trees, or kill animals because when we throw the garbage they eaten, no we can recycle this things and conserve the trees, animals and the water that is essential for us

What did you learn from it?

I learn that the town is so happy because the people that live there always recycle and reuse thing so they don´t have environmental problems, we need to recycle to conserve all things we have from nature
How Recycling Works