Ratzlaff/Rogers May Newsletter

ÉJSMS ~ Grade Three

Here is what we are learning about in the month of MAY

Thank you to everyone who attended our Student-led Conferences. We have only two more months left - where does the time go!! Be sure to check out all that is going on during the month of May, as it will be action packed!

Swimming Lessons start this coming MONDAY, May 4th.....

(May 4,5,6,7,8,11,12)

Students will be swimming from 2pm-3pm on each of the above dates.

Please be sure to have your child pack their swimsuit and towel for all of those days. I know the students are really looking forward to their swimming lesson times.

This month our room has been transformed into “Outer Space” with the addition of the chili pepper meteorites hanging from the ceiling. I hope that if you have time you will visit our classroom and take part in a variety of exciting activities planned for May.

In Language Arts this month our focus is on a variety of space poems, stories and informational literature about SPACE. We have been continuing to expand upon verb-based writing, or in other words writing with more action and detail. When you are reading with your child at home, take a minute or two after finishing the story to see how the author wrote: Did they use descriptive language? How did they start each sentence? Did they use a lot of different verbs (action words) in the story? The more practice your child has at figuring out what makes a story interesting, the more likely they are to incorporate those skills to spice up their writing.

In Mathematics we will be working on Multiplication and Division skills to 25 in the month of May. We have just finished up our 3-digit addition and subtraction unit, but please have your child continue practicing these skills online using the IXL program. The students are so close to reaching their goal of 40,000 questions answered on IXL as a class, and they look forward to tasting some cold treats once they reach their goal.

In Social Studies, the students will begin learning about how daily life reflects quality of life in communities (e.g., employment, transportation, roles of family members). We will also be looking at how the various leaders are chosen in communities (e.g., within families, within schools, within communities, within government), and how decisions are made in communities.

Which brings us to our "Create your own City Unit." This is a very fun and interactive unit, as students design and plan their cities. We also look forward to welcoming the Mayor of Lacombe- Steve Christie to our classroom, as he will be sharing what it is like to be Mayor of a City.

In Science, we have been learning about rocks and minerals. If you have any personal rock collections or books related to our last unit, feel free to send them in.

In Health, the students are taking the "We Can Help Too!" ~ St. Johns' Ambulance course for Grade three students. We are thankful to St. Johns' Ambulance for providing all of the materials and fun work books free to the students!

Year-end Field trip: ** Mark your Calendars ~ JUNE 9th is our full day - field trip **

We are just finalizing our grade three Field trip plans in June. Once all of the details are sorted out we will be sure to email you to let you know when the Field trip forms will be sent home.

We are also planning an afternoon field trip on Wednesday, June 17th. Details TBA

Important Dates in MAY

May 4-12th: Swimming Lessons

May 1st: PD Day

May 6th: Hat Day to raise awareness for Mental Health

May 7th: Hot Lunch (Pizza) for those that ordered

May 8th: Family Dance at ÉJSMS Gym ~ 6pm-8pm

May 15th: No School (Earned day off)

May 18th: No School (Victoria Day)

May 20th: Menchies special snack for those that ordered

May 26th: Hot Lunch (Salad & Wings) for those that ordered

May 29th: No School ~ PD Day

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May Birthdays:

May 12th ~ Blair

May 17th ~ Heather

May 22nd ~ Ryder

May 25th ~ Rylan J.

May 30th ~ Jessa