9/11 heroes

Ever tried to save someone from a collapsing skyscraper?

You could die.

If you try to save someone from a burning building, you could get severe burns and die. On the attacks of 9/11, Ronald Bucca of the NYPD went to help anyone he could find from the south tower. He saved countless lives but died trying. "Ron responded to the WTC attacks on 9/11. He was heading towards the 74th floor of the second tower when he was separated from his supervisor, who went to help a woman out of the building." ("5 Heroes To Remember This September 11")

You could get trapped.

William Rodriguez ran into the south tower to save 15 people, and had to jump under a fire truck to be saved. He was trapped until someone found him. "On 9/11, Rodriguez initially rescued fifteen (15) persons from the WTC, and as Rodriguez was the only person at the site with the master key to the North Tower stairwells, he bravely led firefighters up the stairwell, unlocking doors as they ascended, thereby aiding in the successful evacuation of unknown hundreds of those who survived." ("William 911")

You could save peoples lives!

Countless firefighters, policemen, and citizens ran into the World Trade Center to save people from the collapsing tower. One person from the NYFD, Bob Beckwith, searched through the rubble after the collapse of the tower and saved many lives. " My grandson was hit by a car on his bike early that morning. I drove to the hospital, walked in and everybody was watching television. I looked up and saw the second tower come down. It felt like I was stuck in a bad dream. I told my wife: 'I’m going down there. ( "9/11, 10 years on: the heroes of Ground Zero")

You will be remembered as a hero!

Welles Crowther, a citizen on the 104th floor of the south tower, ran into the smoke to save lives. His body was later recovered but he will be remembered as a hero forever. "It was not Welles Crowther’s job to save anyone’s life on September 11. He worked for Sandler O’Neill and Partners on the 104th floor of the South Tower as an equities trader. At about 9:00 in the morning, he was on the phone in his office. His body would be recovered from the lobby along with NYFD firefighters. Having worked as a volunteer firefighter as a teenager, when disaster struck, Welles Crowther sprung into action" ("5 Heroes To Remember This September 11")

Risks vs. Rewards

Are the rewards worth the risks? I think so. If you are going to save countless lives only to risk your own, it's worth it. You could help more people then just helping yourself out of the building. For example, William Rodriguez ran into the south tower to save 15 people from dying, so it was worth it because If he hadn't saved those people all 15 of them would've died and only he would've survived. ("William911.com")

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